Dekaron: Halloween Promo

Shit. I just got news that DEKARON, the game that puts the “mother” in “the most bad-ass motherfuckin’ gory video game of all time”, has a special Halloween Treat (what no tricks?) for its players.

From October 8 to October 15, monsters will randomly drop rice cakes which are blessed by Trieste herself with magical attributes to grant additional stat boosts. The amazing thing about it is that these CAN STACK WITH YOUR CASH ITEMS!

So, that’s like TURBOCHARGING your character when you pump yourself with CASH ITEMS and then consume these rice cakes regularly!

WAAAAAH. I wish I can play Dekaron NOW!!!!

For more information, click here.


Medal Promo Thing

Currently, we’re running this event in Mu Online where monsters drop medals containing random items and jewels. I don’t know why this copy got rejected:

Welcome to unemployment, Batch 2008! Here’s something to make your life infinitely more fun before you have to deal with the worst monster (your Future Boss) working life has to offer: The Mu Medal Event! Each monster killed will drop a medal. Collect medals and drop them from your inventory for surprise gifts! Medals have chances of dropping Zen, random items, or random jewels!

Hey, I was just being honest! Right? Hehehehe…

Anyway, to all you Mutizens out there, catch this exciting event before you have to drag your lazy asses back to school, or your parents kick you out to go hunt for a job. Also, make sure you max out your ePoints on our Summer Heat, Summer Treat promo.