GONG! Screenshot lang. Hahaha

Wala lang. Post ko lang screenshot of our match earlier. It was such an honor to play with [GM]Puludong and [GM]Wakamaru. Hehehe… ako pinaka-banong GM. Wawa naman ako.

May mga GONG! regular faces na akong narerecognize. LeahDizon, Pain, the one, khrist, GongFAN (na from Singapore pa), basta, nasa friend list ko yung iba, di ko maalala right now. Also, hoy, jobobs, di pa rin kita nakikita sa field! Twing kelan ba naglalaro?

La lang. Click on the image for the full version ha.

And keep playing GONG! – the hilarious Casual MMO Sports Game sweeping all over the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia. The soccer mania’s on!!!

THANK YOU nga pala sa mga players na nakikipaglaro sa akin! Kasi yung iba, suplado, pag nkita yung GM na emblem, umaalis na nang room. Hahaha… kakatuwa naman kayo. :p


Coz I’ve walked under a bus…

No, not really. Got hit by one, more like it.

See, last Saturday, mobiusgamesdme went to Caylabne, a beach resort in Cavite for our company outing. I’ll dish on everything about it later, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, you can click on the picture on the left for a bigger picture. I’ve uploaded more in our multiply account. Add us as your contact!

Adik ba ako?

I just want to share with you guys this old project I made. I took pictures of myself everyday for several months, and then compiled to photos in one video to show the passage of time. Check it out:

What do you think, guys?

Katropa – The Ladies

Since I’m post happy today, here are more mobiusgames katropa for you to know:

(from l-r) Ms.’s Guts, Joy, Mel

These ladies are our most fierce, fun, and funny angels, and life here in mobiusgames is definitely more exciting when graced with their presence.

Oh, and any one of them can fire me at will.


Check it out!!! I took some pap shots of some mobiusgames katropa (I ain’t telling you who they are, chumps!), and it looks like they’re talking about something verry, verry, imporrrtant… hmmm…

Can they be discussing THIS ?????