katropa – lois

This is one of our most valuable katropa here in mobiusgames.net. Her name’s Lois, and she is just one fierce artist. She did all the illustrations in Pwn Intended, and she is basically responsible for everything fun to look at everywhere in mobiusgames.net.

And, oh, that orange ball with her is “Haro”– yes, like that flying Pikachu on Gundam. It’s a tiny robotic toy that responds to sounds and playing. It’s like a huge tamagochi that you talk to, and play. By taking care of it, you’ll be able to unlock several Haro actions that weren’t initially available. It dances on its own, and is prone to shouting out phrases in Japanese. Right now, I can hear it looking for attention.


Katropa – The Ladies

Since I’m post happy today, here are more mobiusgames katropa for you to know:

(from l-r) Ms.’s Guts, Joy, Mel

These ladies are our most fierce, fun, and funny angels, and life here in mobiusgames is definitely more exciting when graced with their presence.

Oh, and any one of them can fire me at will.