GONG! Screenshot lang. Hahaha

Wala lang. Post ko lang screenshot of our match earlier. It was such an honor to play with [GM]Puludong and [GM]Wakamaru. Hehehe… ako pinaka-banong GM. Wawa naman ako.

May mga GONG! regular faces na akong narerecognize. LeahDizon, Pain, the one, khrist, GongFAN (na from Singapore pa), basta, nasa friend list ko yung iba, di ko maalala right now. Also, hoy, jobobs, di pa rin kita nakikita sa field! Twing kelan ba naglalaro?

La lang. Click on the image for the full version ha.

And keep playing GONG! – the hilarious Casual MMO Sports Game sweeping all over the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia. The soccer mania’s on!!!

THANK YOU nga pala sa mga players na nakikipaglaro sa akin! Kasi yung iba, suplado, pag nkita yung GM na emblem, umaalis na nang room. Hahaha… kakatuwa naman kayo. :p


katropa – lois

This is one of our most valuable katropa here in mobiusgames.net. Her name’s Lois, and she is just one fierce artist. She did all the illustrations in Pwn Intended, and she is basically responsible for everything fun to look at everywhere in mobiusgames.net.

And, oh, that orange ball with her is “Haro”– yes, like that flying Pikachu on Gundam. It’s a tiny robotic toy that responds to sounds and playing. It’s like a huge tamagochi that you talk to, and play. By taking care of it, you’ll be able to unlock several Haro actions that weren’t initially available. It dances on its own, and is prone to shouting out phrases in Japanese. Right now, I can hear it looking for attention.

GONG! Merchandise – Ball Cap

Check it out, check it out, kids. Don’t I look ghetto in this?

GONG! Ball Caps save lives. Every day, hot heads emit toxic fumes in the atmosphere. Using breakthrough technology, and a bit of voodoo, mobiusgames is proud to announce the all new Limited Edition GONG! Ball Caps now with Green(r) Technology powered by Awesome Labs. These Limited Edition GONG! Ball Caps are all blessed with extra Luck, and 99% of the time they have been known to attract the attention of the female species 12% of the time.

GONG! Ball Caps is the ball cap of choice of every one. With its unique head-contouring mechanism that fits any head size through the use of state-of-the-art adjustable velcro, GONG! Ball Caps isn’t just an accessory, it’s a frakking necessity.

Katropa – mobius area representatives, reprezzentz yo!

Let me introduce to you some of our most valued mobiusgames katropa here in mobiusgames.net. Except for Marlon, Ma’am Joy, and me (Extasiege; try to spot me), these are our mobius area representatives. Basically, they serve as our ambassadors-at-large. They go around making sure everything’s running smoothly with our games in i-Cafes. They organize events, and tournaments in i-cafes, they give away posters, installers, etc.

From today, until the 20th, they’ll be visiting 5 different i-cafes en masse to hold the GONG! Cafe Tour 2008. This means, lucky gamers who will visit our host venues will get the chance to play GONG! – THE HILARIOUS NEW CASUAL MMO SOCCER GAME from mobiusgames.net and TOSEbefore it hits OPEN BETA and for ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

If you want our mobiusgames area representatives to pay your favorite i-cafe a visit, then you better ask your i-cafes to contact us. We are very open to requests, and are very generous to our loyal players.

It’s me, Extasiege!

Hey, guys. It’s me, Extasiege. And I’m wearing the super exclusive GONG! T-shirts from mobiusgames. Check it out.

Don’t you just wanna have one now?

GONG! T-shirts are the rage nowadays among gamers, and soccer fans a-like. They’re rumored to grant their wearers extra stats by way of AGI and STR. Here, we can see that on the very plain looking Extasiege, it turn s him into an irresistible devil in blue. They come in all sizes, and flavor. So does Siege Malvar.


Fidelity’s Queen of All Things Kicking, Yo!

GONG!‘s Fidelity just made an announcement regarding the upcoming GONG! Cafe Tour!!!

We are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO going to be there!!!!

Complete the sentence:
I am going to the cafe tour because ______________.

Top Reasons Why You Should Play GONG!

Hey, guys. With the upcoming release of GONG!, people are asking several sorts of questions. What’s GONG!? How do we play GONG!? WHY should we play GONG!? Here are some reasons why you should play GONG!