MU Philippines – Shocking New Twist!!!

It’s the surprising twist everyone’s talking about!

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OJT na Cool at Masaya

Naghahanap ka ba ng OJT na cool, at masaya? Meron ba non? Sagabal ba ang pag hahanap mo ng OJT sa paglalaro mo?

Gusto mo bang maging part ng team mobiusgames pero kasalukuyan ka pang nag-aaral?

O baka may kilala kayong naghahanap ng pwedeng pag-OJT-han?

Well, eto ang sagot dyan:

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Wala lang

Wala lang. Trip lang. Hi, hello, sa lahat ng mga nagbabasa ng blog na to (Yes, I’m referring to all three of you, hekhekhek).

Dahil loyal kayong tagasubaybay, may surprise ako sa inyo. Super secret to ha. Click nyo yung link sa baba to read more.

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MU Online – Bridge Duel

Here, my friend Marlon and I, once again, dueled against each other. This time, for more drama, we did it on a bridge.

[Watch it in High Quality Video Here]

How cool is that, eh?

There’s a sense of pride in playing MU Online. I think that’s why even after 4 years, the MU Philippines community is still growing strong.  When you’re a MUtizen, and you have been so for a couple of years, through all the games that came after the FIRST EVER 3D MMORPG in the country, and you’re still a MUtizen, it really says a lot about what kind of gamer you are.

It means that you know a good game when you’ve played one. It means that you are not easily swayed by fancy novelties, that you’re not a sheep who follows where others lead. It means that you know how to stick by something good when you finally found it. It means that you’re not just another kid playing just another game.

It means that you’re a real gamer, true and through.

Here’s to all the MUtizens out there.

Peace. Brotherhood. Game.

MU Philippines – 4 Years, and Still Playing Strong

O, baka sabihin nyo, puro GONG! GONG! GONG! lang alam kong i-blog. Hehehe… Actually, I’ve been playing MU, Rakion, EVE Online, and GONG! for a long time now. Eto nga pala ang character ko sa MU Philippines:

Youre not gonna give me the ole anal probe trick, are ya?

"You're not gonna give me the ole' anal probe trick, are ya?"

At eto naman ang aking pilot sa EVE Online:

I got a PACKAGE for ya.

"I got a PACKAGE for ya."

Yun nga lang, wala pa akong screenshot ng character ko sa Rakion. Hindi kasi automatically nasasave eh, dapat ipaste sa Paint. I’ll make one soon, sige, para makita nyo naman. Hehehe…

Nga pala, may character rin ako sa MUREN, I’m planning on something na tied with this blog eh. Parang blogging + role playing adventure. I’m still thinking about it.

Ampogi ko.

Ampogi ko.

Medal Promo Thing

Currently, we’re running this event in Mu Online where monsters drop medals containing random items and jewels. I don’t know why this copy got rejected:

Welcome to unemployment, Batch 2008! Here’s something to make your life infinitely more fun before you have to deal with the worst monster (your Future Boss) working life has to offer: The Mu Medal Event! Each monster killed will drop a medal. Collect medals and drop them from your inventory for surprise gifts! Medals have chances of dropping Zen, random items, or random jewels!

Hey, I was just being honest! Right? Hehehehe…

Anyway, to all you Mutizens out there, catch this exciting event before you have to drag your lazy asses back to school, or your parents kick you out to go hunt for a job. Also, make sure you max out your ePoints on our Summer Heat, Summer Treat promo.