Walk This Way: The Launch

I got this invitation from my friend, the lovely but deadly Ms. Che Roces, and she’s inviting bloggers to their party!

It’s going to be held at the popular FriiSpirit center which she co-owns. To learn more about FriiSpirit check out the article about it on ForPlay Magazine.

From FriiSpirit:

Walk This Way: The Launch!

On Friday, September 12, 9pm onwards, FriiSpirit Launches the much awaited AEROSMITH GUITAR HERO! Play, eat, drink, and enjoy all for free! It’s exclusively for bloggers & FriiSpirit members so if you’re either (or both) of those, text back to RSVP!

Or better yet, become a member, and join the fun! No one’s a stranger here at FriiSPIRIT!

Special guest for the evening: Luis Benesa- the Silver Medalist for the 2008 WCG Guitar Hero Asian Championship.

Check out friispirit.blogspot.com for more details.


RSVP: 0929 6986738 – Ms. Che Roces

DEKARON > There will be blood

Thanks to our newest katropa here sa office, Randell, for this photo:

Well, you have to click on the image on the left for a larger view. By now, you probably have an idea na what game I’m playing. If you still don’t, then, hello, where have you been?

That, my katropa, is Dekaron. Dekaron is hailed all over the world (and this isn’t bragging ha; google nyo man, “dekaron”) as the MOST VIOLENT MMORPG there is.

And mobiusgames is bringing it to Southeast Asia now!

Yes. As in NOW!

Head on over to http://dekaron.mobiusgames.net and sign-up for a FREE closed beta testing account now!!!


Dekaron is the most violent gaming experience you can ever have online.

You have been warned.

If you still do not believe how much you are endangering your soul by playing this game, check out the following:

Team I.W.C. > FTW! > DotA Tourney Champs, Chumps

It pays to pwn. It pays to pwn.

Congratulations, Team I.W.C. for winning the GG Blitz Tourney!!!

Sometime this month, I got to meet Team I.W.C. when they came over the office to pick up their prize. So yun, ni-chat up ko muna sila together with GM Ravynn who managed the tournament. We brought them to the mobiusgamesdme Game Room (well, see, this is where it gets confusing; the entire floor’s one big frigging game room, see, but in the middle of our floor, there’s this glass enclosed area where the mobiusgames team can take a break from all the gaming that we do by playing, uhm, more videogames. ).

So, according to Jonas, who led them to victory, nabuo ang “Team I.W.C.” when he posted an invitation as forums nila to join our tournament. Most of them hails from Laguna, tapos may mga members sila sa Antipolo, Muntinlupa, and Tondo.

Jonas is a nursing student, and he has his eyes set on joining the gaming industry. I think that’s great! He certainly has the organizational skills to manage a team, and he has the passion for games.

Oh, ang kukulit nga pala nila. They gave us a description of themselves para hindi tayo mahirapan i-identify sila sa picture. Here’s Team I.W.C.:

Johnasis Kalugdan – “Kamukha ni Manny Pacquiao na kumuha ng pera.”
Rodney Aguinaldo – “Mapayat na matankad na kamukha ni Jose Rizal.”
Junelle Christian – “Ung matabang maputi.”
Riden Pireras – “Payatot w/ Anime buhok Intsik.”
John Nikko Lopez – “Matankad na mukhang matanda pero bata pa.”

Napaka-helpful ng mga descriptions nila. Parang cartographic profiling lang ng mga wanted for kidnapping. Ang saya.

Onga pala, “Team I.W.C.” stands for “Team I W.O.N. Clan”. At “Team I W.O.N. Clan” naman stands for “I Was Once a Newbie Clan”. O diba, pa-expand-ng-pa-expand ang pangalan. So, to recap, ang nanalo talaga ay ang “Team I Was Once a Newbie Clan” or “Team I W.O.N. Clan” for short, and “Team I.W.C.” for shorter. “.” na lang for shortest.

Congrats uli, mga katropa!

Till next tourney!!!

GONG! Free Play! – Live Blog

Right now, as I blog, our mobius area representatives are conducting several GONG! FREE PLAY events in Batangas, Laguna, Marikina, and other “covert” locations. I joined in some matches as my GM character. It’s my GM character’s first public appearance, and it was so much fun. Will blog again soon.


Write Up for mobiusgames’ participation in the upcoming ToyCon

Below is a short write-up regarding the participation of mobiusgames in the upcoming Toys, Hobbies, and Collectibles Convention. For more information, visit http://www.ToyConPh.com

GONG! Goes to the Con

mobiusgames is set to join this year’s Toys, Hobbies, and Collectibles Convention.

Participants who will visit the mobiusgames booth can get their chance to take home exclusive prizes, and exciting giveaways. mobiusgames will also set up a registration desk for gamers interested in joining GONG!’s Open Beta Testing phase.

GONG! is the latest game from mobiusgames and Tose Shanghai. Combining the intensity of soccer with the hilarious fun of kids’ imagination, GONG! is set to break grounds with its unique, entertaining game play. GONG! is offered for Free Play by mobiusgames, and for more details, visit its official website: http://gong.mobiusgames.net. GONG! goes Open Beta on June 13, and will run for a month before launching into its commercial run.

Gamers can get copies of the GONG! installer in the mobiusgames booth. Gift certificates ranging up to 500 GONG! Coins will be given away as well.

For more details, visit their website @ mobiusgames.net –the hottest gaming portal for the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia!

See you there!!!

7th Toys, Hobbies, Collectibles Convention 2008
Megatrade Hall 2-3
SM Megamall
June 14 and 15, 2008
10am to 9pm


Fidelity’s Queen of All Things Kicking, Yo!

GONG!‘s Fidelity just made an announcement regarding the upcoming GONG! Cafe Tour!!!

We are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO going to be there!!!!

Complete the sentence:
I am going to the cafe tour because ______________.


OMG! GONG!‘s Grand Kicker, Fidelity, just posted THIS ANNOUNCEMENT!!!


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