Extasiege in Chaotic Wear

I decided earlier this afternoon to waste most of my DIL on a pair of Chaotic pants, and a Chaotic armor. Why? Because Vicious Summoners need retail theraphy too, bitches. I’m still saving up on some hawt haute couture, hopefully the rest of the Chaotic ensemble depreciates soon. I’m down to, like, a couple thousands of DIL. Anyway, I think I got my clothes cheap @ 450K each. What do you think?

Also, I recently noticed that a Lvl 5 Tarantula is more effective than a Lvl 4 Aldebaran because:

  • A tarantula’s curse drains an enemy’s HP, an Aldebaran’s confuse (?)/stop (?) is in effect only for a short time.
  • A tarantula’s range attack is faster than an Aldebaran’s punch.
  • A tarantula can attack several enemies in succession without moving from the same spot. An Aldebaran must come near an enemy before it hits.
  • When you’re shifting your attack between several enemies, the Aldebaran will attack the same enemy you’ve chosen. It gets pretty useless when you’re attacking enemies that are far apart from each other.

Although, an Aldebaran can be useful when you’re a Staff type. When you’re attacks are mostly ranged, then an Aldebaran can come in handy as someone to take the melee blows. Otherwise, it’s a dumb bodyguard that does what you do, and not what you want it to do.

The beast series isn’t that different from the libido series. You get Grewpain (ranged, ice demon) as your Tarantula counterpart, and then Regulus and Seleime. That’s Ranged – Melee – Melee. I still prefer the Libido series, though, coz I’m thinking, all monsters are affected by status effects, but they’re vulnerable to certain elements differently. It makes sense, right? Well, that’s just me.

Dekaron SEA will be on Commercial Phase soon. Can’t wait.