Game of the Year 2008

Yahoo! Games announced their “Game of the Year 2008” for several genres. Check it out here.

Sorry, guys, no gold for Bush Shoe-throwing Game. Maybe next year?


Vote for the Best and Worst Games of 2008

Wassup, bitches?

Anywank, I saw this poll being conducted from my number one source of all things true and relevant in our lives, Entertainment Weekly. Head on over there via this link and start voting for your bets on the Best and Worst Games of 2008.

GONG! Merchandise – Ball Cap

Check it out, check it out, kids. Don’t I look ghetto in this?

GONG! Ball Caps save lives. Every day, hot heads emit toxic fumes in the atmosphere. Using breakthrough technology, and a bit of voodoo, mobiusgames is proud to announce the all new Limited Edition GONG! Ball Caps now with Green(r) Technology powered by Awesome Labs. These Limited Edition GONG! Ball Caps are all blessed with extra Luck, and 99% of the time they have been known to attract the attention of the female species 12% of the time.

GONG! Ball Caps is the ball cap of choice of every one. With its unique head-contouring mechanism that fits any head size through the use of state-of-the-art adjustable velcro, GONG! Ball Caps isn’t just an accessory, it’s a frakking necessity.