Happy Vicious Holidays!

Have a hackin Christmas and a slashin New Year, my boiatches!!!


Dekaron SEA – n00b fIghT

Check out this video. This is, like, the last video I uploaded in the mobiusgames youtube channel before I left the company.

Watch the hilarity as two n00bs fight nonstop right outside the n00bie maze. Oh, the drama! Oh, the action! hahaha…

BTW, the Azure Knight’s my blogger friend Mike. I’m the Bagi Warrior. He named his character Piolo, so I named mine SamMilby. Hahaha…

Oh, I posted the screenshots in the forum, and a moderator deleted the thread. See, that’s one thing about the mobiusgames forum mods. They’re so uptight, you’d think this is 2002, and the internet’s just for the educated. Tsk, tsk. I mean, come on. Boards were made for the LulZ and the drama, not just as a venue for some wannabes to feel some semblance of power.

I mean, come on. You lose members of your community when you keep banning them, when you keep taking the fun away from the whole new media experience of it. More happy forumers = more time they’ll come back to your site = more hits and visibility for your marketing messages = more gamers = more revenue = profit.

Dekaron SEA is FREE for the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia. Anyone with a valid mobiusgames account can play. Download and register now @ http://dekaron.mobiusgames.net


OMG. This has got to be the most shocking news I’ll break in this blog.


█████ IS GOING TO BE BANNED FOR █████ING THE PLAYERS IN ██████ █ ████.


PLUS! We’re deleting the ██ from the █████ server of █ ██, and we’re sure this will change everything.

GONG! Free Play! – Live Blog

Right now, as I blog, our mobius area representatives are conducting several GONG! FREE PLAY events in Batangas, Laguna, Marikina, and other “covert” locations. I joined in some matches as my GM character. It’s my GM character’s first public appearance, and it was so much fun. Will blog again soon.


Of Heroes and Saints

Sigmund Freud once said men want to be poets and heroes, whereas A.S. Byatt reacted with one of her female characters wanting to be a poet and a poem.

Which isn’t really related to this post.

Hahaha… papaka-profound shit lang. Actually, I’ve been thinking about a very important part of the mobius katropa eh, the Game Masters.

The Game Masters are unique individuals tasked with the arduous job of managing in-game events, procedures, etc. They usually get the worst PR because, as we all know, unsatisfied customers make more noise than the happy ones. Game Masters, also, are the most popular katropas. They represent mobiusgames directly to the players on a daily basis. Players idolize them; every kid wants to have their jobs.

I was thinking, siguro hindi narerealize ng mga tao how hard it is to be a GM eh. Ang laki ng responsibility, ang laki ng expectations.

That’s why we honor their right to privacy. I suppose para silang superheroes eh, kailangan ng secret identity. Think about it.

Superheroes need to hide behind masks not because they’re ashamed of what they do. Kasi, di ba, there’s this thing where those around them get involved sa problema nila kahit hindi naman madamay. Like Lois Lane. Like Auntie May. Like Ding. Hehehehe…

Bakit? Kasi hindi naman kayang iligtas ng superheroes lahat ng nangangailangan ng kaligtasan eh. Ang laki kayang responsibility ang mamili at magjudge who deserves to be saved and who doesn’t, di ba? Parang sa DC universe, when 9-11 happened, the superheroes were busy and they weren’t able to get there on time. May anonymity tuloy towards superheroes.

Superheroes aren’t saints. They can’t save everyone who prays for salvation. Ganun talaga buhay, try nyo kaya maging superhero. It’s not such a super life. Madaming nag-iingay, nagca-cause ng civil war, kasi hindi sila kayang iligtas ng superhero na hinahangaan nila. Pero di ba, dapat nating tanggapin yun? Shit happens.

Nako, mga katropa, mabuti pa kwentuhan na lang tayo. Kung superhero ka, sino gusto mong iligtas? Comment kayo ha!

Medal Promo Thing

Currently, we’re running this event in Mu Online where monsters drop medals containing random items and jewels. I don’t know why this copy got rejected:

Welcome to unemployment, Batch 2008! Here’s something to make your life infinitely more fun before you have to deal with the worst monster (your Future Boss) working life has to offer: The Mu Medal Event! Each monster killed will drop a medal. Collect medals and drop them from your inventory for surprise gifts! Medals have chances of dropping Zen, random items, or random jewels!

Hey, I was just being honest! Right? Hehehehe…

Anyway, to all you Mutizens out there, catch this exciting event before you have to drag your lazy asses back to school, or your parents kick you out to go hunt for a job. Also, make sure you max out your ePoints on our Summer Heat, Summer Treat promo.

WTH is GO(i)NG On Here?

Take a guess. What’s going on here? hehehee…

It’s a screenshot from our newest game title, GONG! Soon to be launched simultaneously here in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore. Stay tuned for more details.