The Age of Dekaron

It has been a year since I started working in mobiusgames (DME). From my first day at work, our team was tasked with marketing two new games that will change the playing field of online games for the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Regardless of other people’s opinions, there are some indubitable facts which the local gaming industry MUST acknowledge: GONG! and Dekaron started the trend that got the competition scrambling for new titles, much like MU Philippines did years ago.

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The Truth on Tetris and Trauma

According to a recent study by researchers at Oxford University, playing Tetris can reduce trauma.

From the Yahoo! Videogames article:

[Researchers] exposed volunteers to traumatic experiences, then made some of them play Tetris half an hour later.

I wonder if said induced trauma includes sodomy via an upright Z-block while Russian instrumental music plays in the background.

Can you imagine walking into a testing facility and there’s this researcher dude telling you, “Welcome, and thank you for participating in our experiment. We’ll be shooting bullets through your vital organs. Probably, we’d even dip your balls in barbecue sauce and let a rabid grizzly bear loose in this room to gore your genitals out with its huge, eviscerating paws. You have the option of going to the next room instead, where we’ll also coat you in barbecue sauce, but instead of a rabid bear, we’d let loose a horny, 250-pound biker to tenderize your sweet ass. That’s just for starters. We have devised several traumatic experiences tailored to fit your individual profiles. Have a great day!”

And then afterwards, while you’re still bleeding, you crawl towards one of the researchers, begging for some medical attention, for some help, or for him to just end it all with a clean shot to your brains,  he kneels in front of you, and says, “Here, have a brick game.”

In the near future, in an emergency room somewhere:

Resident: What happened here?

Paramedics: Trauma victim. A scaffolding collapsed, and an iron bar flew right into this little boy’s stomach, skewering him.

Resident: Any family members with him at the time?

Paramedics: (checks his notes) His father was with him, but another iron bar dropped on his head. The boy witnessed it all. That’s actually bits of his own father’s brains on his chin right now, doctor. (pointing)

Resident: My god! How traumatic. (To her interns) We need a brick game here STAT!

Game of the Year 2008

Yahoo! Games announced their “Game of the Year 2008” for several genres. Check it out here.

Sorry, guys, no gold for Bush Shoe-throwing Game. Maybe next year?

Extasiege’s FFVII: Crisis Core Saved File

It’s official. I have gone beyond the limits of my own multimedia delusion that I am now sharing my Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Saved File because I believe in the relevance of my own digital celebrity status.

This is one of those shit why people say were gay, guys.

"This is one of those shit why people say we're gay, guys."

Ok, let me be clear about this. I’m not claiming you should download my saved file because it’s the best, it’s the most awesome, it totally pwns. It’s not. My gameplay’s pretty mediocre, pwnage wise. I’m sharing it with you guys simply in the spirit of generosity and for the sake of discussion. It’s not an awesome gameplay.

However, there are pretty neat stuff I’ve acquired through the process of exploring this FFVII prequel for the PSP. For one thing, I’ve managed to unlock the Genji Armor (so, that means the DMW’s complete as well). The HP booster I’ve fused with a Curaga materia’s not bad either at 7++%, and Zack’s at LVL 8+, and the Mission Mode’s 87% complete. There’s still A LOT OF ROOM for exploring before you finish the story mode (which I finished back when I was level 40-something. Genesis –the final boss, duh– is a pushover, so there’s no snag in unlocking the New Game+ mode).

Besides, it’s THE gameplay of, eherm, THE Siege Malvar. That amounts to something, I hope. It’s worth checking out, at least.

And over at Jam Online, Jerome Ancheta has posted the trailers for two new Final Fantasy installments: Final Fantasy versus XIII and Final Fantasy agito XIII.

The Final Fantasy versus XIII trailer looks pretty awesome, innit?  It’ll be out on the PS3 soon. Well, it looks awesome because it’s a cinematic trailer. Can’t wait to see the gameplay trailer, though. The trailer offers no clue as to the new gameplay, whether they’re going to implement a new system, or a hybrid of the old ones (the DMW, the ATB, etc). FFversusXIII looks like it’s set on a futuristic world with elements of fantasy in the undercurrent. So far, the FFVII series of games is the only installment in the franchise that plays with the neo-gothic feel of a science-fictional millieu, and I don’t know if you agree with me, but the FFVIII was an all-out cowboy romance to be categorized in any coherent genre.

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You may also want to read up my interview with’s webmaster.

Vintage RTS Games

Recently, the 3rd installment in the RTS game that has taken the whole world for its playground has been released. Command and Conquer 3 is now available commercially, and I would love to try it have my laptop been able to. Unfortunately, beloved as it may be, my laptop’s pretty ancient. I’ve had it for the past two years, and that converts to 27 in gadget years.

But, I was in the mood for global domination, so I installed two ancient RTS titles on my laptop last week. One of them’s The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth and the other’s Emperor: Battle for Dune.

Now, as great series, nay, stalwarts, in the genre of fantastic fiction, I love both Tolkien’s Middle-Earth and Herbert’s Arrakis. However, I have to admit, I’m a bit disappointed with the two games, and I was trying to look beyond the graphics.

I love the veterancy system in LOTR: BFME. Sortof gives you a sense of continuity. I feel constrained, though, with its limited space for building infrastructure. The hero system’s cool in the sense that you can play the awesome LOTR characters from the book, but unlike the heroes in Warcraft III, you can’t really trust them to lead your troops all by themselves.  I think I’ll give this another try by playing LOTR: BFME 2, its sequel.

Emperor: Battle for Dune is disappointing. I’ve searched for this game for a long time, and it’s not available anymore in our friendly, neighborhood digital pirates. No one’s sharing this via torrents, too. I got lucky one time, and saw a torrent of it somewhere, but then, it took me MONTHS to finish downloading. Which just goes to show how many people have it.

For a rabid fanboi of Dune and RTS games, this is a big let down. The controls are wonky, the units aren’t that awesome, the maps are dull (well, the author made the desert planet of Arrakis seem hauntingly beautiful and terrifying, so why couldn’t the developers take a page from that book?), and the AI is annoying. The AI’s strategy seems to be Send Them As Soon As We Made Them, so, while you’re trying to build your base, the AI’s units just kept coming and coming, and as long as you have a defensive structure or a counter-unit waiting nearby, you’re well and good.

Anyway, I might remove these two games from my system sometime soon, and look for other vintage titles to try out. Or, maybe, I should just tear myself away from playing games, and get some actual work done. Yeah, that can do.

Vote for the Best and Worst Games of 2008

Wassup, bitches?

Anywank, I saw this poll being conducted from my number one source of all things true and relevant in our lives, Entertainment Weekly. Head on over there via this link and start voting for your bets on the Best and Worst Games of 2008.