The Age of Dekaron

It has been a year since I started working in mobiusgames (DME). From my first day at work, our team was tasked with marketing two new games that will change the playing field of online games for the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Regardless of other people’s opinions, there are some indubitable facts which the local gaming industry MUST acknowledge: GONG! and Dekaron started the trend that got the competition scrambling for new titles, much like MU Philippines did years ago.

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Got Balls, Will Crush

If anyone’s curious, here’s my GONG! schedule:

Monday to Friday, I play GONG! before I doze off to sleep. I usually create a room in the ALL Division. This way, I can get to play with GONG!sters from all levels. I start off with a random map, and then move through the different maps. I usually call it the “Tour of Asia” room, and I encourage GONG!sters who join me to stay for the whole tour. It’s more fun that way, like we’re on a virtual World Cup.

Also, I don’t give away items, and there’s no prize in defeating me (except for that sense of self-worth and smugness that you get for pawning a [GM] character). If you’re playing with me for material gain, please check out this page instead. The GONG!sters team are constantly coming up with events and promos to keep everyone happy, so watch out for those!

What I really like about GONG! is that it’s cleverly designed so that you won’t bother using bots and cheats to play the game. If you try cheating, or using a 3rd party program in GONG!, you miss out on all the fun! So, what’s the point, right? GONG! is a game you play for the LuLz of it.

See you on the field!

[GM]Extasiege in Action

Watch me in action!!!

It’s me, [GM]Extasiege playing in GONG! – the hilarious new casual mmo soccer game from mobiusgames and TOSE Shanghai. It’s the biggest online soccer game craze sweeping all over the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia in a virtual “World Cup” of cute characters, wacky skills, funny items, and hours and hours of intense gameplay!

Play for Kicks!


GONG! Screenshot lang. Hahaha

Wala lang. Post ko lang screenshot of our match earlier. It was such an honor to play with [GM]Puludong and [GM]Wakamaru. Hehehe… ako pinaka-banong GM. Wawa naman ako.

May mga GONG! regular faces na akong narerecognize. LeahDizon, Pain, the one, khrist, GongFAN (na from Singapore pa), basta, nasa friend list ko yung iba, di ko maalala right now. Also, hoy, jobobs, di pa rin kita nakikita sa field! Twing kelan ba naglalaro?

La lang. Click on the image for the full version ha.

And keep playing GONG! – the hilarious Casual MMO Sports Game sweeping all over the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia. The soccer mania’s on!!!

THANK YOU nga pala sa mga players na nakikipaglaro sa akin! Kasi yung iba, suplado, pag nkita yung GM na emblem, umaalis na nang room. Hahaha… kakatuwa naman kayo. :p


Yehey! May [GM]Extasiege character na ako! Huwaaaaw. Mukha akong nagpapautang na intsik. Hahaha…

Wait, wait, wait. Hindi po ako Game Master. More like Game Moderator lang. Pwede ring GONG! Monster. Hahahaha… At least GM pa rin, di ba? Ang kulit kulit ko raw kasi, GONG! ng GONG! ng GONG! raw ako buong araw kaya para may wenta naman, maki-GM na rin daw ako. O ha.

Abangan nyo ako sa field ha!

“Wanna test my kung-fu, punks?”

GONG! Buzz

Ang aga-aga, GONG! kaagad blog ko di ba? Hahaha… Shet. Try ko kaya minsan, personal life ko naman isipin ko. Kaya ko pa kaya yun? Hahahaha…

Anyway, so, yun nga, medyo ang alam ko, madami players nagrerequest na mag’todo-na-to’ mode na kami sa GONG! kasi while on Open Beta, we limited the items available sa shop. Eh excited mga players magpaka-wild-animal-outfit-level, so hello, musta naman ang discussion discussion. Abangan natin, feeling ko masusunod naman talaga dito ang mga players eh.

Kayo, ano gusto nyo? Buksan na ba ang cash shop?

GONG! – casual mmo sports game craze sweeping over the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia

SiegeMalvar on GONG! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting here as often as I would like to, but see, I’ve been busy making these silly animated .gifs of my character in GONG!.

Hahaha. This has gotta be beyond vain. Before I started working for a games publishing company, I’ve been a big camwhore. Now, I’m getting obsessed even with my in-game personas! Hahaha…

If you’re playing GONG!, then you probably have seen my official GONG! character: SiegeMalvar. See, this is where my master’s degree in creative writing pays off; I came up with SiegeMalvar as my character’s name in GONG!.

Anyway, what we have here is my character doing some basic missions in Mission mode. Doing missions in GONG! actually helps you get as much as 5 stars in 15 minutes. 5 Full Stars can get you equipped from head to toe. Any GONG! newbies should seriously consider doing all the missions first before playing in actual matches. That’s if you are serious with GONG!. If you’re gonna take the game casually, then, by all means, GONG! for it and start challenging other players on the field.