Games Under Siege

Welcome, gamers and n00bs a-like. It’s me Extasiege, and I work in the gaming industry. This is my blog here, see. Here you’ll read some of my thoughts, opinions, and ideas on life and how it relates to the virtual-real-viral world of gaming. Occasionally, I’ll slip in some EXCLUSIVE insider’s info, so watch out for those.

Feel free to comment, or post questions, or, like, whatever. It’s a free world, people. Speak up.


  1. Waiting

  2. nyahahahaa…sir!!! hahaha!!!
    sabit no ako sa mobius…bka may bakante dyan…pag tinanggap nyo ako…d n ako mag nnursing hahaha…add nyo pow me sa ym…same email ung ym ko ^_^

  3. weee…

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