The Age of Dekaron

It has been a year since I started working in mobiusgames (DME). From my first day at work, our team was tasked with marketing two new games that will change the playing field of online games for the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Regardless of other people’s opinions, there are some indubitable facts which the local gaming industry MUST acknowledge: GONG! and Dekaron started the trend that got the competition scrambling for new titles, much like MU Philippines did years ago.

Thanks to GONG!, local game publishers have started to offer “mmo casual games” for the “gamer in everyone”. Casual gamers, unlike hardcore gamers, are a unique set of audience which have their own needs, attention span, and interests. Apps in Facebook, and downloaded apps from iTunes, prove that the gaming industry CAN tap just about anyone and everyone. From middle-aged housewives to 13-year old babydaddies, from college professors to part-time chefs, from the occasional lover to the lonely poet.

mobiusgames(DME) took a risk when it brought GONG! to the local scene. At that time, no one else thought of offering a game title which wouldn’t be time consuming, wouldn’t be financially demanding. GONG! came, open the field, and offered people a game which you can play for short periods of time without diminishing the enjoyment you can derive from it.

Now, a casual survey of local game publishers will tell you that for them to stay relevant, they’re now offering casual gaming titles in their line-ups.From kart racing, to side-scrolling action, “casual games” seem to be everyone’s sudden genre of choice.

Then came Dekaron.

Dekaron was the first and only adult-oriented MMORPG game for the Southeast Asia region of the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia. Behind the scenes, team mobiusgames actually spent a lot of time deliberating and arguing amongst ourselves over some content and themes which may not be suitable for very young audiences. In the end, without compromising the unique mature angle of the game, the game was released as it is, with very minimal censorship and restrictions, but with its now infamous warning to players logging in: players below 17 years of age ARE NOT supposed to play this game.

Soon after the release of Dekaron, other local publishers have jumped into the adult-oriented MMORPG bandwagon.

Yes, business is business, but let’s take a break from the cut-throat industry of gaming, and give credit where credit is due: Dekaron started it all.

And it keeps getting better and better.

Team mobiusgames has recently announced several exciting events and promos for Dekarians. Check out their website.

My main concern back when I was working for mobiusgames was that I felt like they were too concerned with the “game balance” to consider what the players really want. My standpoint was from a layman’s POV, and theirs was from their positions as “expert gamers”. And we all know, not everyone is an expert gamer. Dekaron, I think, is most appealing to veterans of the mmorpg genre, players who have spent 5 years jumping from Ragnarok, to MU, to Ran Online.

But now, analysing their current offerings of events and promos, I think someone inside is actually making BRILLIANT changes in policies.

For a long time, Dekaron has been offering a MEASLY 20% EXP rate bonus for special, scheduled hours. IT WAS STUPID. No one would bother marking their calendar for that. Especially when other games are offering 100% EXP Bonus on the weekends. NOW, Dekaron is offering 60% Bonus EXP, which is the PERFECT balance between having a flood of players playing on a limited time, and rewarding those who would actually, religiously, play during these special hours.

And as I’ve mentioned before, I’m quite concerned with the pricing range of items in Dekaron. They’re OK, they’re reasonable, but as we all know, AFFORDABLE trumps REASONABLE every-fucking-time. If you’re selling a cellphone for a “reasonable” price, I’d still look for an “affordable” alternative.

HOWEVER, in a very, very shocking turn of events, Dekaron has not only lowered the prices of some of its items, but they’ve BUNDLED SOME PREMIUM ITEMS WITH OTHER BESTSELLING ITEMS. This is, of course, classic marketing strategy-and by ‘classic’, I mean timelessly effective. In essence, they’ve bundled slow moving items with fast selling ones, giving customers a free trial of items they’re not familiar with. THIS IS GREAT NEWS FOR PLAYERS. With ABSOLUTELY NO STRINGS ATTACHED, you get a FREE PREMIUM ITEM everytime you buy your favorite stuff!!! If you think about it, this is a 2-point advantage for the players, considering Dekaron is ALREADY not financially demanding to enjoy (what with it being free to play).

Let me clear some things. I’m no longer working with mobiusgames. I am not in any obligation to praise their work.

But I’m a fair man. I believe in appreciating people when they’ve done a good job. In my opinion, team mobiusgames is finally doing an amazing job at paying more attention to what the popular opinion is over what they think their game should be. Really, really impressive.



  1. Finally a new post! So are you still playing Dekaron?

  2. So what games are you playing now, Siege?

  3. @Alcarcalimo: Yeah, boy! Balik Dekaron ako for now. Ok mga promos and events nila eh.

    @Mike: Actually, I stopped playing altogether for the past few weeks because I busied myself with some personal projects. Ngayon, eh, na-sales talk-an ako kasi ang ganda ng mga promos and events nila (well, at least from my point of view, sulit eh. tipong, the sort of promos and events I would have proposed had I still been with them), so yeah, naglalaro uli ako ng Dekaron. I heard MU Online’s patching up to SEASON 4 in the near future, so I might download a copy of that as well. No OFFICIAL announcement yet, pero I got it from a reliable source. (IF you want to break it na in your blog, hehehe, go ahead. Very, very reliable ang source ko. I’ll post more details!).

    Basta MU Philippines will be updating na (FINALLY!) to Season 4. This is amazing news for MU Players because they’ve been clamoring for this na for a long time. Pero come to think of it, IT’S ABOUT TIME lang naman. Hehehe…. I think may mga mag-babalik-MU dahil may bagong character, may bagong features, may mga bagong maps at items. FINALLY.

    AT ETO ANG EXCLUSIVE SCOOP: Instead of a “countdown” magkakaroon ng “demand meter” of sorts. Tipong naka-salalay sa community kung KELAN ang exact launch date. Ang ganda ng concept di ba? Parang parlor games lang, kailangang pumalakpak ng malakas para pagbigyan, hehehe…. Correct me if I’m wrong, pero this rarely happens right? So, one of a kind tong event na to? The “meter” will determine the “demand” for the new patch, tapos updated siya in REAL TIME, so mapapanood ng mga tao as it’s happening.

    Im not sure yet on the details kung ano exactly ang ni-me-measure ng meter na ito at paano. Number of comments ba? Number of new accounts? Number of friendster testimonials? Number of purchased goods? Medyo di pa ako nakakatunog eh.

    Pero exclusibong exclusibo yan ha. Hehehe… Intayin natin ang further announcements.


    To answer your question: Dekaron lang nilalaro ko RIGHT NOW. I might try LIneage II, only because I saw an installer among my old stuff, and I realized kayang-kaya siya ng specs ko. haaha…. Pag-nagka-pera dun sa isa kong raket, bibili ak ong surplus na gaming PC, mura lang, 5,000php lang. Surplus ng Korea, pero ang specs niya pang-gaming talaga. Galing ata sa Net Cafe sa Korea, tapos nag-upload ng mga machines yung shop, so ang daming gaming PC’s na mura. Buti nasabihan ako ng contact ko.

    Sabi ni Joel MMOTAku, ok daw ang Requiem eh. YUN ang gusto ko subukan, tsaka RF ONLINE. Nakapag-RAN na ako, nakapag-CABAL na ako, pero RF di ko pa nasusubukan. Bahala na, pagnagka-pera. hehehe…

  4. I mean “nag-upGRADE ng mga machines yung shop…” NOT “upload”. sorry. tao lang, basura pa.

  5. You’ll need a new Lineage 2 installer because the old ones won’t work anymore. They can ship it right to your house for free. Click here.

    I have to warn you though as bots roam out there. Management will officially deny it but they won’t touch botters fearing loss in revenue. Therefore my quitting.

  6. Hmmm, Lineage II?. I already tried that game a few months ago. Maganda sya kaso hindi sya free to play. ewan ko lang ngayun kung free to play pa sya :P.

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  8. I stopped playing Dekaron. I stopped playing Cabal too. LOL! I don’t even have time to play anymore. ='(

    Everyone’s playing WOW. You might wanna play WOW din. XDXD

  9. thank for content kubbb…

  10. I ddont understand anything abt Rohan online!

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