Nintendo Patents Gaming for n00bs

Great. Just what we need. More gaming accessibility for n00bs.

Honestly, I’m sort of torn on this news. On one hand, I think it’s great that the industry is reaching out beyond its core demographics of pre-, post-, and pubescent male teens. The more diverse the community, the more dynamic the scene will be. With the coming and the eventual rise to domination of the Wii, Nintendo has prove that by minimizing the learning curve, everyone’s inner gamer will be unleashed. More and more moms are playing Wii Sports with their teenagers, and there’s a steady increase in number of “girl gamers”.

On the other, we all know that Nintendo’s only doing this to sell more. Expand your target market, expect more revenues. Maybe that’s not so bad. Maybe decentralizing the expertise on gaming will be ultimately good for the industry, or maybe, by trying to appeal to wider demographics, the gaming experience will be compromised. With game developers targeting a more basic, neutral, common ground in order to attract 40-yo housewives and their 13-yo sons, we can expect a “popularization” of game play, narrative, and–gasp!– even visuals!

What do you think?

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