Dekaron Commissioned Quests Guide

Hello, boiatches. Still not getting any, I see.

Anyway, I’ve been noticing a lot of search results that’s been generating traffic to this site is related to Dekaron Commissioned Quests. It’s funny coz I never posted any comprehensive guide to Dekaron Commisssioned Quests here, except, well, a mention in passing. See, when I used to work for mobiusgames, blogging those kind of stuff was actually part of my job. Now that I’m focusing on a different career path (for the time), I’ve taken it slow when it comes to writing guides and tips.

But since you insist, I guess I can afford to spare some time and write a little something about Dekaron Commissioned Quests.

What are Dekaron Commissioned Quests?

Dekaron Commissioned Quests are side-jobs you can take to earn (or lose) extra DIL (the in-game currency for Dekaron). They are not part of the main Dekaron storyline (which is all about defeating the bad guy named “Karon”/”Abaddon”).

Where can I get these quests?

Go to Parca Temple. At the center, a couple of strides behind the priestess Kata, there’s a bulletin board of sorts. Once you’ve reached a certain level, you’ll be able to accept particular commissioned quests. You can only accept quests once you’ve unlocked them through your level.

How do I accept these quests?

Commissioned quests, as I’ve said before, aren’t part fo the main story. Imagine these quests as side-jobs ordered by private individuals. Kinda like outsourced jobs for you to take.

Go to the bulletin board and check out which ones are available to you. Select the one you like, and pay the fee. There’s a fee for accepting these jobs as retainer. The private individual commissioning you for the job, of course, wants to hold on to something to be ensured that you’ll deliver the goods that’s being asked you to. Once you accept the commission, the appropriate DIL (as fee) will be deducted from you.

Upon completion of the commission, you NEED to go back to the bulletin board and claim your payment. Unlike some quests, you won’t automatically receive your rewards. You will receive a notification once you’ve collected all the necessary items for the commissioned quest. Go back to the bulletin board, review the commissioned quest you’ve taken, and click on “Accept Rewards”. The bond/retainer you paid earlier WON’T BE RETURNED TO YOU on top of the reward you’ll get. You’ll only get the reward.

What can I get from the commissioned quests?

That depends on the quest you’ve taken.

Each quest has 4 possible rewards ranked from what I’d like to think of as “That Fuckin Sucks”, “Break Even”, “Yeah, It’s OK”, and “Awesome”.

That Fuckin Sucks basically means that the reward you get is less than the retainer/bond you paid to accept the commission. That Fuckin Sucks is appropriately named because this is the reward bracket with the highest rate of probability. You’ll most often get That Fuckin Sucks kind of rewards of all the types of rewards.

Break Even is the sort of reward that, well, is barely higher than the bond/retainer you paid to accept the commission. However, all is not lost. Although you only broke even, your time doing the quest wasn’t really wasted considering you gained experience and dil and items while accomplishing the commission. This comes out often too, but not as often as That Fuckin Sucks.

Yeah, It’s OK is the sort of reward that will hook you up on getting more commissioned quests. It ranges from 3x to 5x the bond/retainer fee. This doesn’t come out as often as That Fuckin Sucks and Break Even, but it comes often enough to encourage you regularly take on commissioned quests.

Awesome is the highest possible reward that the commissioned quests offer. My former boss and I used to inform each other whenever one of us would get an Awesome reward. It’s like winning the Dekaron lottery. Winning an Awesome reward makes it all worthwhile. It actually instills in you a sense of hope that everything will be all right in the world. Although Awesome rewards are rare, they’re not unfairly so.

Higher Level, Harder Commission, Better Prizes?

This monster totally has major phallic issues.

This monster totally has major phallic issues.

Not necessarily so. Personally, based on my experience, I think it’s better to take on a commission that’s EASY for you to accomplish over one that’s hard to do but offers a chance of getting bigger rewards.

For example: The Rock Pressure commission is accessible earlier than the Valkyries commission. The Rock Pressure commission’s range of possible rewards (RPR) is lower than the ones being offered for the Valkyries commission, BUT if you’re strong enough to take on Valkyries, I guess that means you’ll find hunting down Rock Pressures relatively easy.

What I’m saying is that you can take on two–one at a time, of course– Rock Pressure commissions in the span of time that you’re accomplishing your Valkyries commission. And since That Fuckin Sucks are in general most often the kind of reward you’ll get, it’s best if you go for MORE CHANCES than BIGGER CHANCES. It’s like in the casinos (I am of legal age, and rest assured that I don’t go to casinos often; only when my friends and I are bored of drugs, gun smuggling, and prostitutes.)– unless you’re a fuckin high roller, stick with the slot machines.

Of course, there will come a time when doing low level commissioned quests is too easy, it’s borderline retarded. You have to consider that Commissioned Quests are just side-jobs that you take on while you’re moving up through the level ladder. Move up the Commissioned Quests ladder once the quests start to feel dull and repetitious.

UNLESS you’re farming for DIL, of course. If you’re farming for DIL, then the best strategy really is to take EASY commissions as often as possible.

If we can lose money on commissioned quests, why should we still take one?

What are you, a pussy? Are you a wet pussy shivering in the cold, hard snow of Crespo? Are you a motherfuckin pussyassboy who’s afraid to lose a little, die a little, bleed a motherfuckin bit? Then you have no fuckin right to play Dekaron, you wet, shivering, pathetic, hunchbacked pussy. Go play Nostale, motherfucktard.

YES, there IS  a chance of losing money when taking a commissioned quest, but you won’t lose the experience points, the DIL you picked up from monsters, and the items they dropped while you were hunting them.

Besides, it’s all about the chances! You lose some, you win some AWESOME prizes too.

Stay tuned: Next time, I’ll give you a run through of where the monsters for commissioned quests are located, and other important bits!

Comment: Please leave your questions and requests in the comment section of this post, if you have any. I’ll gladly answer them (when I have the time) if I can.




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    dis is the kind of guide wich u will really learn \m/

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