Extasiege’s FFVII: Crisis Core Saved File

It’s official. I have gone beyond the limits of my own multimedia delusion that I am now sharing my Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Saved File because I believe in the relevance of my own digital celebrity status.

This is one of those shit why people say were gay, guys.

"This is one of those shit why people say we're gay, guys."

Ok, let me be clear about this. I’m not claiming you should download my saved file because it’s the best, it’s the most awesome, it totally pwns. It’s not. My gameplay’s pretty mediocre, pwnage wise. I’m sharing it with you guys simply in the spirit of generosity and for the sake of discussion. It’s not an awesome gameplay.

However, there are pretty neat stuff I’ve acquired through the process of exploring this FFVII prequel for the PSP. For one thing, I’ve managed to unlock the Genji Armor (so, that means the DMW’s complete as well). The HP booster I’ve fused with a Curaga materia’s not bad either at 7++%, and Zack’s at LVL 8+, and the Mission Mode’s 87% complete. There’s still A LOT OF ROOM for exploring before you finish the story mode (which I finished back when I was level 40-something. Genesis –the final boss, duh– is a pushover, so there’s no snag in unlocking the New Game+ mode).

Besides, it’s THE gameplay of, eherm, THE Siege Malvar. That amounts to something, I hope. It’s worth checking out, at least.

And over at Jam Online, Jerome Ancheta has posted the trailers for two new Final Fantasy installments: Final Fantasy versus XIII and Final Fantasy agito XIII.

The Final Fantasy versus XIII trailer looks pretty awesome, innit?  It’ll be out on the PS3 soon. Well, it looks awesome because it’s a cinematic trailer. Can’t wait to see the gameplay trailer, though. The trailer offers no clue as to the new gameplay, whether they’re going to implement a new system, or a hybrid of the old ones (the DMW, the ATB, etc). FFversusXIII looks like it’s set on a futuristic world with elements of fantasy in the undercurrent. So far, the FFVII series of games is the only installment in the franchise that plays with the neo-gothic feel of a science-fictional millieu, and I don’t know if you agree with me, but the FFVIII was an all-out cowboy romance to be categorized in any coherent genre.

But the Final Fantasy agito XIII trailer looks… blah. And did anyone really watch that trailer and go “Hmm… I can’t fuckin wait to play that on MY MOBILE” ? There are bits of gameplay thrown in, and what we can gather is that the gameplay graphics look like a stepback from Crisis Core. Let’s hope this is just the gameplay texture for mobile phones. I will seriously be disappointed if that’s the PSP gameplay they were showing. We do know that Tarot cards are going to play a significant role in the battle system, and it’s a combination of the Crisis Core battle system with elements of the ATB mixed in. Maybe the Tarot cards will replace the DMW reels? And it looks like players can shift between characters in a party (like in Valhalla Knights). There’s a very Balamb, very Hogwarts feel to the story, and it feels more rooted in fantasy than in sci-fi unlike it’s contemporary, the Versus 13.

The main character (with the FF games, it’s hard to assume the playable characters are the “main” characters, because sometimes, the main story arch doesn’t revolve around them; case in point: Crisis Core’s Genesis-Sephiroth-Angeal threesome) looks effin’ smexy, if I must say. I’m seriously considering having my hair treated that way, and colored in that khaki-silver-black hot mess that he has. Hair-wise, FFversusXIII got my vote for most awesome. Now, I may be a total n00b with games, and you can call me out for my noobish ways, but if there’s one thing YOU CAN’T ARGUE WITH ME ABOUT… it’s hair. Because, boy, do I know hair. And Noct‘s hair is awesome. He has that Trese look going. I know I’ve called cosplayers “costards’ before, but if there’s one character that can change my position on the matter, it would be FFversusXII’s Noct.

Meanwhile, the fuckin dweeb on the right is FFagitoXIII’s main/playable character. As you can see, he has Noct’s hairdo on his fuckface, but it’s not working, honey. He is baiting for girlcosplayers to crossdress as him. And by the way he’s looking at his Tarot cards tell us that fortune says he’s going to get his ass raped with the buster sword soon. Like, in 7 minutes. We all thought Harry Potter was gay until this guy came along. Can anyone really look at this kid and go “Hmm… I’ll definitely get me some chicks looking like THIS dude”? He reminds me of Gundam Wing’s “Quatre Reberba Winner”, whose initials also stand for Queen of the Rebel Whores, and we all know the other Gundam pilots are hittin’ his sweet, juicy ass behind the scenes, under the tarp. Even Relena hits it with her strap-on.

Anyway, there. Download my saved file while we all wait for our next cream-filled fix of Final Fantasy.



  1. thanks for the link love. Anyway nice post. natawa ako dun sa mga mukhang gay sa final fantasy at si harry potter na mukhang gay XD XD

  2. That’s actually a pretty good save, Siege. Compared to mine, at least. I. SUCK. EGGS.

  3. Pucha, pumasok yung old WP login ko, not my current blog’s. Oh well.

  4. @Jam: No problem, bro!

    @Mike/schattenjager: thanks, bro! I did worked on my Crisis Core game for quite some time. Hehehe… Ah.. so that explains the subtly German sounding handle. Hahaha… Kaw ha, may alter ego kang di sinasabi sa amin. I knew you’re into German scat porn, hehehe…

  5. My name is Zack Fair

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