Don’t Wanna Be a Gamer, No Mo’???

Wazzup, bitches?

Game-bloggers retiring, quitting, and wanting to quit, that’s what! wants to quit but didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t, NineMoons has left the building, and Alcar’s no longer travelling.

What a whirlwind!

And hilarious e-mail I got recently:

Hi, Siege. Musta ka na? Nakita ko yung Siege Tour 2008 sa MTV. Project mo ba yun?

I love my borderline celebrity status, and how people think I’m relevant enough to be that powerful. I’m sorry, though, that’s not my project, although, had I been given such a responsibility, I probably would have named it after myself too.



  1. Not reasons why I quit:

    1. The game
    2. My IG friends
    3. No money

    Reason why I quit:


  2. What a whirlwind!

    You got hired by a competition, I see.

  3. Nope, rather I was pissed off by AMDG. Let’s just PM about it na lang.

    BTW, Dekaron made a nice debut at GAME! Magazine

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