Rice Cakes and Cartman

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Euri commented in my previous post on how she finds it perplexing for Dekaron to be giving away Rice Cakes for Halloween. Maybe Trieste binges on them, I think? Anyway, I’m putting the question to you now, readers.

If you can rename the Dekaron Rice Cakes, what would you call it to make it related to Halloween?

I’d like to know your answers.

Dekaron: Halloween Promo

Shit. I just got news that DEKARON, the game that puts the “mother” in “the most bad-ass motherfuckin’ gory video game of all time”, has a special Halloween Treat (what no tricks?) for its players.

From October 8 to October 15, monsters will randomly drop rice cakes which are blessed by Trieste herself with magical attributes to grant additional stat boosts. The amazing thing about it is that these CAN STACK WITH YOUR CASH ITEMS!

So, that’s like TURBOCHARGING your character when you pump yourself with CASH ITEMS and then consume these rice cakes regularly!

WAAAAAH. I wish I can play Dekaron NOW!!!!

For more information, click here.

One Life Left

OMG. This is too good to let pass. Check out this really cool radio programs for gamers.

One Life Left – Britain’s Favorite Video Game Show. We’ll, Only Video Game Show.

the publicly-acclaimed programme uses videogames as a starting point for discussion, debate and pretty awful puns, and mixes videogame music with specially recorded mini-features from the OLL cast of secret games industry contributors.

Check it out, guys!

Game Over: Police Suspect Man Killed Over Online Game Feud

Bonggang bonggang gaming news from Nottingham. Hahaha… La lang.

Police suspect an online game may have motivated a German man into killing a 20-year old man in Nottingham.

“I’m sorry for causing you much trouble lately,” the suspect left in the victim’s girlfriend’s Facebook.

I guess it’s Game Over for the victim; no respawn this time.