Post Departure Post

Ok, so this feels a little awkward.

This is my first post after my departure from mobiusgames.

I’ve decided to continue keeping this blog. I guess, on the upside, I can now blog about games outside of mobiusgames, now that I’m technically an impartial (ha!) game blogger. Previously, to avoid getting the company in trouble, I refrained from blogging anything against (or in favor of) games under other publishers.

But, hey, chumps, no one can hold me down now… hehehehe!

Ok, first casualty: Grand Chase from LevelUp. Is it just me or is this just like Rakion watered down for kids? Apparently, its selling points are:

  • it’s a fighting game
  • it’s free to play
  • you can play as a team fighting against another team (a.k.a. Team Deathmatch in Rakion)
  • you can play on “Survival” mode, which is a free-for-all last-man-standing mode (or “Solo Deathmatch” as it’s known in Rakion).

Now, isn’t that everything you love about Rakion in the first place? Except Rakion‘s in full 3D, and the maps are fully rotating. PLUS, Rakion’s got more modes: there’s Golem War, Boss War, Stage, Team Deathmatch, and Solo Deathmatch. [1]

Why go for something safe, when you can go all the way in the most extreme online brawling game?

Also, show some love, chumps: check out the Rakion GM’s blog!



  1. Yep! That’s the first thing I thought of when I read and saw the vid. It’s more like Maple Story and Rakion put together.

  2. @Maple Store + Rakion: YES! I saw the screnshots and I thought, “Hmmm… cheap maplestory rip-off?” then I read the description and realized it’s a Rakion DOWNGRADE! hahaha…

  3. Nalaro ko na yang game na yan before I made my old blog (ung nasa wordpress). And about Grand chase nga ang unang post ko dun sa blog ko. All I can say is, masmaganda pa din ang rakion kaysa sa Grand chase. Pero mukhang pambata ang Grand chase like crazy kart, mukhang pambata 😛

  4. @Jam: Hey, Jam! Should I update my links na? Are you really going permanent na with

    Great job on your new site, btw!

  5. Ahhm, wag muna siguro 😛 . kasi baka ilipat ko pa sa .com. Hindi pa ako sure e 😛 . sabihin ko nalang kung pede na :P. thanks

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