Dekaron SEA – n00b fIghT

Check out this video. This is, like, the last video I uploaded in the mobiusgames youtube channel before I left the company.

Watch the hilarity as two n00bs fight nonstop right outside the n00bie maze. Oh, the drama! Oh, the action! hahaha…

BTW, the Azure Knight’s my blogger friend Mike. I’m the Bagi Warrior. He named his character Piolo, so I named mine SamMilby. Hahaha…

Oh, I posted the screenshots in the forum, and a moderator deleted the thread. See, that’s one thing about the mobiusgames forum mods. They’re so uptight, you’d think this is 2002, and the internet’s just for the educated. Tsk, tsk. I mean, come on. Boards were made for the LulZ and the drama, not just as a venue for some wannabes to feel some semblance of power.

I mean, come on. You lose members of your community when you keep banning them, when you keep taking the fun away from the whole new media experience of it. More happy forumers = more time they’ll come back to your site = more hits and visibility for your marketing messages = more gamers = more revenue = profit.

Dekaron SEA is FREE for the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia. Anyone with a valid mobiusgames account can play. Download and register now @


  1. Iis this the first post-Mobius rant? LOLZ!!!!

  2. BTW, suggest you look into Requiem Bloodymare for MORE bloody and horror-filled MMORPG

  3. @rant: hahaha… not naman a rant… more like, constructive criticism. it’s too soon for a rant! hahaha… The mobiusgames folks are amazing… it’s just that, there are certain individuals deputized to manage their forums, and those people are doing more harm than good to the objective of the institution. It’s like managing a fan base eh. Do you really want someone masungit to be the president of your fans club? It’s disadvantageous to put someone with no people skill at that position eh. I’m talking, of course, from a public relations POV.

    @Requiem: You know, Joel of plays Requiem: Bloodymare! Sige, sige, I’ll join you guys when I get back from London.

  4. You left mobiusgames?! I didn’t know that! I also didn’t know that you had a video of our duel! Shet pare, we sucked ahahaha.

  5. Sucked? Sucked?!? That’s an understatement! Hahaha. So how many minutes passed before you both realized that the duel would go on forever?

    Yes, join me in Requiem, if you like the blood and gore that much. I don’t get to spend as much time playing Requiem as I want, though. Maybe if I have constant adventuring partners. *hint, hint*

  6. @Joel: Pano ba mag-join sa Requiem? Ano requirements.

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