Dekaron SEA on OPEN BETA

Dekaron SEA now on Open Beta beginning September 3, 10AM (Philippine Time) – That means 10 AM in the Philippines, not 10 AM “Filipino Time” hahaha…

That’s less than a day away, chumps. Maybe you think you’re ready for this, but nothing can prepare you for the most motherfucking bad-ass awesome gaming experience you can have online.

BTW, you’d have to pardon me whenever I get too excited and I start cursing out expletives. I’ll censor myself, don’t worry. Like fuck, yeah.

I’ll answer some frequently asked questions, that’ll put my job at risk. Hahaha…

Will there be a server wipe-out after the OBT? NO. I’ve told you before, THERE’S GOING TO BE NO SERVER WIPEOUT after the OBT.

Can players from other countries play Dekaron SEA? That depends on which country you are from. Currently, countries under the mobiusgames territory are the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia. This means that gamers from these countries can enjoy titles from mobiusgames, and we’ll provide for your gaming needs via customer support, recovery assistance, and ePoints availability.  We’ll make sure that for players in these countries, mobiusgames will always be here to give you the best gaming experience you can have online. UNLESS we HAVE TO block your location, we won’t. We “have to” because we don’t want to congest our servers, and we don’t want to compromise the territories of (future/other) publisher that may be in more position to bring you the games you want to play. It’s like this with other countries, if you noticed. You can play games in Korea, Japan, Euro servers until a local publisher strikes a deal with the developers, and you either have to migrate your accounts or lose it. In short, if you’re NOT from the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia, we’re encouraging you to TRY Dekaron SEA if you don’t have a local version of it playing in your territory. Dekaron SEA is an amazing, one-of-a-kind experience that any self-respecting gamer shouldn’t miss. It’d be a shame to call yourself a “gamer” without having tried Dekaron.

I suggest, players from other SEA countries to try logging-in, OR check the forums for feedback from other players from your location. If you’re from Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand… *wink, wink*

UNFORTUNATELY, the Middle-East is no longer Southeast. We’re sorry, but if you’re from Israel, UAE, K.S.A., you can’t play Dekaron SEA… (*wink, wink* You can TRY though, but don’t hate me if you get blocked eventually)

LONG STORY SHORT: If you’re not from the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, AND YOU REALLY, REALLY WANT TO PLAY DEKARON SEA, TRY LOGGING IN and when you’re able to play it, then have fun. However, don’t blame us if we have to block you in the future.

Can you please migrate my 2Moons/Dekaron Europa/Dekaron (KOR) account to Dekaron SEA, please? The way I see it, you have two options: stick with a server that offers no support for your location, or START A NEW LIFE in Dekaron SEA where you’ll get the “first levels” jitters, the rush of seeing a new character develop, the excitement of looking forward to unlocking new skills, of growing up with other players who’s starting afresh just like you. You already have the advantage of familiarization with the gameplay, and mechanics. We’re offering you a chance at correcting your past mistakes (points added in the wrong stats?  ouch.), and building new relationships in Dekaron SEA. All your friends will be in Dekaron SEA, so do you really wanna miss out on all the fun?

Dekaron SEA is the English-version Dekaron for the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia. Players from different cultures, different backgrounds will come face to face with each other.

Is Dekaron SEA subscription-based or item based? Dekaron SEA is FREE. You don’t have to worry about it making a dent in your budget. However, there will be lots of awesome items for sale in our Dekaron Store. Items that will boost your exp rates, lets you auto-fish, pets, mounts, potion bundles, etc.

What’s the policy on AFK playing? “Vicious Summoners” are able to convoke summons to guard them while their players are away. If you’re thinking of leaving your Vicious Summoner for a minute while you take a leak, go ahead. It’s not illegal. You can also buy a “Veteran’s Amulet” from our store and leave your character fishing while you answer nature’s call. With enough fishing skills, and the right type of rod, you can earn up to a million dils overnight. (Also, there’s talks that rare items are known to get tangled with fishing lines, now and then. Perhaps you can prove this urban legend right?) Though it’s not illegal to leave your characters by themselves, it’s also not illegal for other players to murder your characters while you’re away. Also, auto-fishing using VETERAN’S AMULET is the only LEGAL way of fishing. Any other means will be treated as grave, and serious offenses.

What’s the policy on RMT (real money trading)? RMT tends to cause imbalance in the game. READ the E.U.L.A.. We don’t encourage this, nor do we support this. Besides, why do you need to deal with RMT when Dekaron is FREE and if you really want to gain an advantage over the rest, then the Dekaron store offers SAFE AND SECURE microtransactions for your gaming needs.

How long will the OBT be? Dekaron SEA will be on Open Beta from September 3, until September 23. The last day of OBT is still subject to change, but we’ll give you prior notice, don’t worry.

I already have Dekaron SEA installed. Should I download a new client for OBT? NO. If you played Dekaron SEA during the CBT period, then there’s no need to download a never client. Your current installation of Dekaron SEA will automatically update to the version we’ll be using for Open Beta.

Other questions? Leave ’em here.

See you on OBT, then!


  1. This is to confirm that you can fish rare items from fishing.

    Just a tip for those who’ll be fishing AFK: make sure you have enough room as only a maximum of 5 fishes per species per space will be allowed. So if you catch the same type of fish, a new space will be allocated for it.

    Plus, did I mention that you’ll be catching some rare items as well? LOL

  2. @Alcarlimo
    Last CBT, I caught some items, I thought it was a bug XD.

  3. hey can i play dekaron sea here in the US? pls reply in my email..thnx

  4. well my password and id are not working

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