Aeprit/Chaotic Sets, Vicious Summoner – Dekaron SEA

For no particular reason at all, I present to you my Vicious Summoner in two different sets of armor: aeprit and chaotic. I’m still kinda missing the chaotic helm, though. hahaa…

Ok, so the Dekaron item Shop has been in operation for, like, a couple of days now. I have my eyes on a particular costume, a certain mount, and a pet, but I still have to re-think my priorities considering I will be busy in the next couple of weeks with an international project (thanks to the British Council!), so I ended up spending my money on auto-pots (mana and health) instead.

The Aeprit set has a very raw feel that looks like its confused between being a giant ram or being a man-sized cricket. I’m guessing “Aeprit” is an anglo-saxon form of “ifrit: (Arabic: ʻAfrīt: عفريت, pl ʻAfārīt: عفاريت)“, which gives this set grounded on the context of the Arabian Nights/Middleastern mythology. The humongous crotch guard, of course, makes this set priceless, seeing that Valkyries are known to suck the living essence of young men through their penises. Wait, you don’t know that? Check out this “Valkyries” Commissioned Quest from Parca, and READ the very, very controversial quest. It’s the one for level 48 upwards.

The Chaotic set, on the other hand, according to the Dekaron canon, was designed based on the tailoring of men’s long coat. Which, again, makes people doubt the Vicious Summoner’s sexuality. Who wears long coats to battle? If you ask me, I’ll say a Vicious Summoner is, well, a viciously sexual being who is adept and equally dextrous in the use of his staff and his twin swords. I mean, come on, which other character has a whole set of skills categorized as LIBIDO???

What do you think of the Dekaron Item Shop, guys? I’d like to know. Please leave your comments! Thanks!

Extasiege in Chaotic Wear

I decided earlier this afternoon to waste most of my DIL on a pair of Chaotic pants, and a Chaotic armor. Why? Because Vicious Summoners need retail theraphy too, bitches. I’m still saving up on some hawt haute couture, hopefully the rest of the Chaotic ensemble depreciates soon. I’m down to, like, a couple thousands of DIL. Anyway, I think I got my clothes cheap @ 450K each. What do you think?

Also, I recently noticed that a Lvl 5 Tarantula is more effective than a Lvl 4 Aldebaran because:

  • A tarantula’s curse drains an enemy’s HP, an Aldebaran’s confuse (?)/stop (?) is in effect only for a short time.
  • A tarantula’s range attack is faster than an Aldebaran’s punch.
  • A tarantula can attack several enemies in succession without moving from the same spot. An Aldebaran must come near an enemy before it hits.
  • When you’re shifting your attack between several enemies, the Aldebaran will attack the same enemy you’ve chosen. It gets pretty useless when you’re attacking enemies that are far apart from each other.

Although, an Aldebaran can be useful when you’re a Staff type. When you’re attacks are mostly ranged, then an Aldebaran can come in handy as someone to take the melee blows. Otherwise, it’s a dumb bodyguard that does what you do, and not what you want it to do.

The beast series isn’t that different from the libido series. You get Grewpain (ranged, ice demon) as your Tarantula counterpart, and then Regulus and Seleime. That’s Ranged – Melee – Melee. I still prefer the Libido series, though, coz I’m thinking, all monsters are affected by status effects, but they’re vulnerable to certain elements differently. It makes sense, right? Well, that’s just me.

Dekaron SEA will be on Commercial Phase soon. Can’t wait.

Dekaron SEA – n00b fIghT

Check out this video. This is, like, the last video I uploaded in the mobiusgames youtube channel before I left the company.

Watch the hilarity as two n00bs fight nonstop right outside the n00bie maze. Oh, the drama! Oh, the action! hahaha…

BTW, the Azure Knight’s my blogger friend Mike. I’m the Bagi Warrior. He named his character Piolo, so I named mine SamMilby. Hahaha…

Oh, I posted the screenshots in the forum, and a moderator deleted the thread. See, that’s one thing about the mobiusgames forum mods. They’re so uptight, you’d think this is 2002, and the internet’s just for the educated. Tsk, tsk. I mean, come on. Boards were made for the LulZ and the drama, not just as a venue for some wannabes to feel some semblance of power.

I mean, come on. You lose members of your community when you keep banning them, when you keep taking the fun away from the whole new media experience of it. More happy forumers = more time they’ll come back to your site = more hits and visibility for your marketing messages = more gamers = more revenue = profit.

Dekaron SEA is FREE for the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia. Anyone with a valid mobiusgames account can play. Download and register now @

Post Departure Post

Ok, so this feels a little awkward.

This is my first post after my departure from mobiusgames.

I’ve decided to continue keeping this blog. I guess, on the upside, I can now blog about games outside of mobiusgames, now that I’m technically an impartial (ha!) game blogger. Previously, to avoid getting the company in trouble, I refrained from blogging anything against (or in favor of) games under other publishers.

But, hey, chumps, no one can hold me down now… hehehehe!

Ok, first casualty: Grand Chase from LevelUp. Is it just me or is this just like Rakion watered down for kids? Apparently, its selling points are:

  • it’s a fighting game
  • it’s free to play
  • you can play as a team fighting against another team (a.k.a. Team Deathmatch in Rakion)
  • you can play on “Survival” mode, which is a free-for-all last-man-standing mode (or “Solo Deathmatch” as it’s known in Rakion).

Now, isn’t that everything you love about Rakion in the first place? Except Rakion‘s in full 3D, and the maps are fully rotating. PLUS, Rakion’s got more modes: there’s Golem War, Boss War, Stage, Team Deathmatch, and Solo Deathmatch. [1]

Why go for something safe, when you can go all the way in the most extreme online brawling game?

Also, show some love, chumps: check out the Rakion GM’s blog!

Extasiege’s Mount

Seriously. How awesome is having a mount in Dekaron?


I have a summon, I have a mount. When the game goes commercial next week, I can get myself a pet. Now that’s intense.

Which other MMORPG do you know has this much nudity?

Extasiege’s On Air!

Hello, everyone! I’ll be on air today, SEPTEMBER 18, 2008 promoting my book, so please tune in from 10 am till 12 noon!

Carlos Malvar of “ROLES, a Not Quite Unreal novel”
89.1 Wave, 18-Sept, 10-12NN

If you’re in the office, or if you don’t have any FM radio at hand, CLICK ON THIS LINK INSTEAD.

Thanks so much!

Walk This Way: The Launch

I got this invitation from my friend, the lovely but deadly Ms. Che Roces, and she’s inviting bloggers to their party!

It’s going to be held at the popular FriiSpirit center which she co-owns. To learn more about FriiSpirit check out the article about it on ForPlay Magazine.

From FriiSpirit:

Walk This Way: The Launch!

On Friday, September 12, 9pm onwards, FriiSpirit Launches the much awaited AEROSMITH GUITAR HERO! Play, eat, drink, and enjoy all for free! It’s exclusively for bloggers & FriiSpirit members so if you’re either (or both) of those, text back to RSVP!

Or better yet, become a member, and join the fun! No one’s a stranger here at FriiSPIRIT!

Special guest for the evening: Luis Benesa- the Silver Medalist for the 2008 WCG Guitar Hero Asian Championship.

Check out for more details.


RSVP: 0929 6986738 – Ms. Che Roces