Dekaron OBT – It’s a date!

I was with Arnold, our Project Manager for Dekaron, on my way up to the office this morning, and I asked him if I can start announcing when the OBT’s for The Most Motherfuckin’ Bad-Ass Anticipated MMORPG of the Year starting, and he said, “Why not?”

So, ladies and gentlemen, if you had been reading The Dekaron Blog for quite some time, let me just confirm to you that YES, the OBT’s going to start this September 3 (well, if things go as planned, of course. I’ll tell you IN ADVANCE if there’s any change in this).

And NO, there will be no character wipe after the OBT.

Mark your calendars, kids. Mark it with your own blood. Coz Dekaron‘s comin’ back, and this time there’ll be hell to pay.

Dekaron is The Most Anticipated MMORPG of the Year, and has been hailed all over the world as an international bestselling game title for its visually stunning graphics and extreme action gameplay.

Dekaron is FREE for the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia courtesy of mobiusgames, and GameHi.

Dekaron on Open Beta begins September 3, 2008.



  1. so.. only for those 3 countries.. not other SEA..?

  2. Hi, aDit, thank you for dropping by my blog.

    Currently, we have players from other SEA countries playing in Dekaron SEA. BUT, because the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia are the only countries in our territory, I can’t guarantee you that you’ll get the TOTAL Dekaron experience. And maybe someday, when a game publishing company catering to Indonesia or Thailand decides to publish Dekaron in those territories, we’d have to block those countries from our servers as well.

    I suggest if you CAN play Dekaron SEA during the CBT, then you CAN play Dekaron SEA on OBT, BUT DON’T RELY ON BEING ABLE TO play it forever… unless you’re from The Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia.

    Do I make sense? 🙂

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