Wala lang

Wala lang. Trip lang. Hi, hello, sa lahat ng mga nagbabasa ng blog na to (Yes, I’m referring to all three of you, hekhekhek).

Dahil loyal kayong tagasubaybay, may surprise ako sa inyo. Super secret to ha. Click nyo yung link sa baba to read more.

“There’s another major change we are going to implement for one of our servers, and this is something a lot of our players have been clamoring for,” says Mikko Abola, product manager for MU Philippines. “Let’s just say, we’re giving our players more choices to give them total control of their gaming experience,” he adds enigmatically.

That’s a juicy excerpt from a write-up I’m working on. Can anyone guess what’s going to happen next?

Also, mark these dates on your calendars: August 6 (especially if you’re a residence of Muren).

Leave your guesses here, and if anybody got it right, I’ll tell you.

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  1. hmmm Dami talaga pagbabago ngayun sa mobius 😛

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