Dekaron gameplay video – Vicious Summoner

Dekaron – Vicious Summoner Gameplay –

Here’s another sample gameplay video of Dekaron. This one’s featuring a character class known as the Vicious Summoner. Anyone with the first name “Vicious” is surely one badass mofo, amirite? If people call you Vicious to your face, then you’re probably known for pwning just for the lulz.

The Vicious Summoner has the power to call certain beasts and spirits to fight alongside him. With a trusty Regulus (shown in video), a Vicious Summoner can leave the computer for the washroom for a few minutes and not worry about his fate.

Some well known Vicious Summoners in history: Adolf Hitler, Chuck Norris, and the guys who created Family Guy. Also, Malu Fernandez, and Godzilla.

For more bloody goodness, visit the mobiusgames profile.


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  1. bloody hell! nice video again.

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