mobiusgames under siege

In a couple of days, I would have been working for mobiusgames-dme for 5 months. 5 months of online games, SEO tricks and tips, promos, events, copies, blogs, of traffic going home, and early morning hostility on the MRT.

Yesterday, our CEO, Scott Countryman, threw this question at us: “What do we do here in mobiusgames? What is Digital Media Exchange?” and he said we should be able to answer this even if it’s our grandmas asking.

So, I would like to start a new series here in my gaming blog and call it “mobiusgames means”.

So, what does mobiusgames do?

mobiusgames saves lives:

Peter* is a mobiusgames player who was at the right server, at the wrong time.

One of our games support specialist once received a call regarding Peter’s account. Unfortunate as it may be, Peter was banned for trading items illegally. Our specialists studied his case thoroughly, and the evidence was against Peter’s claim.

A few days later, we received another call. It was Peter’s mother, and she was begging us to grant his son access back to his account. It was then that Peter’s story was told…

Peter was one of the millions of out-of-school youth in the country. With so much free time in his hands, and his OFW mother’s disposable income in his bank account, Peter made the acquaintance of a certain abuse-prove substance called cocaine. As the addiction of choice of rockstars the whole world over, coke made Peter think he was a hero, a magical, mystical, mothereffing hero who turns into a pink dragon of love, and angst.

From then on, Peter’s life took a downward spiral. He woke up each day needing coke more and more; and he was beyond being a casual user, hell, no. He was hooked. He was snorting grams by the double digits, and was passing out for entire days.

One by one, everything his mother worked so hard for after his father’s death disappeared. Well, not into thin air, apparently. Peter was pawning them for quick dough. Quick dough for his daily fix.

Until one day, Peter had nothing left. He had sold everything, including the mobile phone his mother left him so she could call him over the weekends. The only thing of value left in his pockets was his last hit, the few remaining coke he had until he ran out.

And like many addicts before him in the history of time, Peter did the only thing he could do: snort his last, remaining coke to stop worrying.

At that state, Peter went out of their house. Barely coherent, he started walking around. People in their neighborhood knew him as a slave of his addiction, and they cast dirty stares at him. Peter swore them off, calling them by all the obscenities he knew.

Then, he saw an old lady standing by herself near the corner. Peter felt like all his problems were solve, for he was under the influence, and he was over all reason. Peter approached the old lady, and grabbed her purse.

The old lady, helpless as she was, screamed for help, and in an instant, the mob was upon Peter. They beat him so badly, the medico legal documented a broken jaw, grave bruisings, and some internal bleeding. His right leg was also broken in several places.

Within the week, his mother arrived home to see her precious child, her little Peter, all black, blue, and banged up by drugs legal and abused. She broke down upon seeing him.

The doctors ordered complete rest for Peter. And as he was under their exclusive watch and care, they managed to rehabilitate him of his addiction as well. Peter went cold turkey, and fortunately for him, he couldn’t stand on his legs long enough to even try to escape.

It was in that hospital that Peter met Rye. Rye was a student nurse, and he was on his last month of hospital duty prior to graduation when Peter was brought in. Rye was a player who was nursing his own addiction: an addiction to MU Online, the classic RPG title from mobiusgames.

“What’s that?” Peter asked.

“This?” Rye gestured to the CD he was holding. “Is an installer of the game that will change your life. It’s called Mu. Have you tried Diablo II?”

Peter grinned through his healing jaw. “I knew several diablos, my friend.”

Rye shook his head, smiling. “I mean the game. The game Diablo II. Haven’t you heard of it?”

It was Peter’s turn to shake his head. “Nope.”

“Well… just install this on your PC when you get home. And when you do start playing, look for a Blade Knight named Wheatus on Bahr.”

Peter forgot all about the installer.

Until half a year later, and extensive physical therapy and exercises helped him regain control of his legs. Peter was trying to live clean, trying to get back his life. He was in a computer shop typing his resume when he saw an icon that looked familiar.

It was then that a faint whiff of hospital smells, of antiseptics and brought flowers, of bleached sheets and cool steel, haunted him. He remembered a boy Rye, and bandages on his jaw. He remembered the cast on his leg, and the bruises on his heart.

Mu Online… he thought. Wheatus on Bahr… he murmured. He double clicked on the icon, and whole new world opened up to him.

Which is how Peter discovered the lost continent.

A year later, Peter was accused of stealing hacked items. He claimed a friend made him store several valuable weapons, and he had no idea they were stolen from someone else. We explained to him how mobiusgames feel sorry that his friend caused him this much trouble, but we had no choice but to follow protocol, and Peter accepted his fate. Peter understood that to be fair to everyone, rules must be applied in all instances that they are applicable.

His mother, on the other hand, was scared.

She was scared her son would go back to an old “friend”, an old addiction. His mother was afraid of waking up to another nightmare, another sad tale of spiraling downwards. She had enough, she couldn’t take another slip from her son.

What she didn’t know, though, that Peter was a changed man. Peter went to his mom, placed an arm around her shoulders, and hugged her.

“Everything’s going to be all right, mom,” Peter said, thinking of another game title which Wheatus mentioned the last time they partied together. “I’ll just be playing Rakion for a while.”


*Names have been changed to protect the identity of the people involved.

Dedicated to the dedicated games support specialists of mobiusgames. Definitely, the most abused lot.



  1. so healing the patient from cock addiction to game’s addiction?! can you call this curing?!

  2. @ramez bali: it’s certainly an improvement, don’t you think? And we’d rather think of it as a “lifestyle”, not an “addiction”. hehehehe…

    Besides, you can only call it an addiction if you let it affect your life, and it prevents you from functioning properly in the society. To each his own story, I suppose. WE offer people a safe, fun, productive recreation called Online Gaming. If they get hooked on our games, there’s nothing wrong with that AS LONG AS IT DOES NOT AFFECT THEIR PLACE IN THE SOCIETY ADVERSELY.

    There are a lot of “good things” in the world that can turn on itself and become an object of destruction. Take God, for instance. A lot of people turn to God to help them, and become so obsessed with the concept of a personal Savior that they are consumed by their own faith, they turn into destructive bible thumpers who would rather spread HATE than salvation. Right? Some people use the name of the Lord to tell people that they’re wrong, that they will burn in Hell.

    God is Love. He does not hate. His intentions are always for the best. It’s a flaw in human nature to abuse one good thing and turn it into something corrupted.

    Just like mobiusgames. mobiusgames is LOVE. mobiusgames offers salvation from boredom, and idleness… and since an idle mind is the devil’s playground, mobiusgames actually help people move closer to heaven. SEE! mobiusgames is such a great place to be!

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