Do You ForPlay?

Oooh. I just got news that the new issue of ForPlay magazine is coming out very, very soon.

See, this issue is very special for me. When I started working here in dme/mobiusgames, coming up with the this issue of ForPlay was one of my first duties. This includes, editing the players’ submissions, and generating content. And this was while we were doing Pwn Intended.

I guess I learned a lot about mobiusgames/dme as an organic system while coming up with this issue of ForPlay. I remember bothering everyone in their stations, asking them questions, taking notes of their stories, and processing those information into ideas, and eventually, into stories for the magazine.

One section that we decided not to include in this issue of ForPlay is a section I like to think of as “From the Files of the GSS“. It’s a section where I sensationalize the calls and stories that our games support services (hardworking lot, bless ’em) are subjected to on a daily basis. I want to patter it after the old program on tv called “Calvento Files” (no apologies for the old school reference; hahaha), which I think was a superb police beat show on primetime until its executive producer and host, Tony Calvento, got gunned down in a taxi cab.

Anyway, this issue of ForPlay magazine is an amazing collection of interesting stories and features. We made sure of that. This is a totally different, high-quality online gaming magazine that comes for free courtesy of I don’t want to be using my name around for clout, but come on, while our competitors’ community communiques are written by hacks armed with their online thesauruses, ForPlay is distinctly maintained and managed with the highest of standards, and expertise. Our publisher and marketing director knows magazines; he single-handedly brought several local showbiz and lifestyle magazines to their current prominence, and he’s using all of his experience and expertise in assuring you that ForPlay Magazine is the BEST ONLINE MAGAZINE READING EXPERIENCE you can imagine.

Sorry if I sound arrogant, and overconfident. It’s just that I can’t help but feel ULTRA-PROUD of this issue of ForPlay Magazine. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect to read in this issue:

  • A short guide on GONG! – the hilarious new game title from mobiusgames and Tose. And we invited a lucky blogger to the top-secret Closed Beta Testing to try it out, and he wrote about it!
  • Our product managers stepped out of their comfort zones and faced me three-on-one! Eavesdrop on our conversation as they share their insights and experience on working in the gaming industry, and how it’s like taking care of a game for the public’s consumption.
  • Who says too much video games can cause obesity? Fight the misconception @ FriiSpirit, the only fitness center that uses Wii consoles to keep you fit!

Plus, we revamped some of our old sections, and we have some pretty amazing selections of player-submitted stories.

This is one issue you can’t miss! I assure you.


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