Job Opportunities in the Gaming Industry – 2nd Batch

In addition to this post, here are more job opportunities for openings in the gaming industry.

If you know anyone who fits the bill, and lives somewhere in the indicated territories, please inform them about this wonderful news. Thanks.


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Katropa – The Ladies

Since I’m post happy today, here are more mobiusgames katropa for you to know:

(from l-r) Ms.’s Guts, Joy, Mel

These ladies are our most fierce, fun, and funny angels, and life here in mobiusgames is definitely more exciting when graced with their presence.

Oh, and any one of them can fire me at will.

Katropa – mobius area representatives, reprezzentz yo!

Let me introduce to you some of our most valued mobiusgames katropa here in Except for Marlon, Ma’am Joy, and me (Extasiege; try to spot me), these are our mobius area representatives. Basically, they serve as our ambassadors-at-large. They go around making sure everything’s running smoothly with our games in i-Cafes. They organize events, and tournaments in i-cafes, they give away posters, installers, etc.

From today, until the 20th, they’ll be visiting 5 different i-cafes en masse to hold the GONG! Cafe Tour 2008. This means, lucky gamers who will visit our host venues will get the chance to play GONG! – THE HILARIOUS NEW CASUAL MMO SOCCER GAME from and TOSEbefore it hits OPEN BETA and for ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

If you want our mobiusgames area representatives to pay your favorite i-cafe a visit, then you better ask your i-cafes to contact us. We are very open to requests, and are very generous to our loyal players.

It’s me, Extasiege!

Hey, guys. It’s me, Extasiege. And I’m wearing the super exclusive GONG! T-shirts from mobiusgames. Check it out.

Don’t you just wanna have one now?

GONG! T-shirts are the rage nowadays among gamers, and soccer fans a-like. They’re rumored to grant their wearers extra stats by way of AGI and STR. Here, we can see that on the very plain looking Extasiege, it turn s him into an irresistible devil in blue. They come in all sizes, and flavor. So does Siege Malvar.

DEKARON – too violent ?

Dekaron, the upcoming game title from mobiusgames and GameHI, has been hailed as the “most violent gaming experience online” by various websites and online communities (forums). And as somebody who have seen the script for the NPC’s in the game, let me assure you– in calling Dekaron that, they are not far off.

Dekaron is bloody. Dekaron is violent. Dekaron is certainly the most mature mmo rpg game title in the whole world right now. Gamers from all over the world all agree that Dekaron raises the bar for MMO gaming violence.

With that in mind, one can’t help but wonder, is the Southeast Asia region (most specially, the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia) ready for this? How will a predominantly conservative country like the Philippines react to a game high in violent content and *gasp* sexual innuendos?

Harvard researchers has this to say:

“What I hope people realize is that there is no data to support the simple-minded concerns that video games cause violence,” Kutner told Reuters.

For more of the interview, read this article on

Well, kids, as you can see, not only does video game violence increase your libido, it also DOES NOT turn you into a serial killing sociopath.

What do you think?


Check it out!!! I took some pap shots of some mobiusgames katropa (I ain’t telling you who they are, chumps!), and it looks like they’re talking about something verry, verry, imporrrtant… hmmm…

Can they be discussing THIS ?????


Check it out! It’s the new omnibus poster for mobiusgames representing all the games you can play via !!!

How many game titles can you identify in this poster?

Watch out for it in your favorite iCafes!!!