OMG! GONG!‘s Grand Kicker, Fidelity, just posted THIS ANNOUNCEMENT!!!


Oooh, even I am excited over this news!

See, that sly one, Fidelity, is teasing us by not revealing the testing sites! Previously, it was announced that WarZone in Ermita (which I heard is near CSB) is going to be our exclusive testing site, but with this recent turn of events, we know now that there’s not just one but 5!!! 5!!!! GAME TESTING SITES that we’re going to!!!!

OMG! Are you guys wetting your pants yet? Shit, I wanna jack off to this news right now. I’m kidding. Ha-ha.

So, think about it… 5 different cafes for 5 days… Each location highly classified.

This is going to pwn, y’all!!!


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  1. hey bro, am carl,you dropped a message in my cbox. i used to be a very active player of gunbound. i had rising dragon, azul, red phoenix, and all sorts of crusher avatars. i also used to win events. i was a member of mugen, resbak, and wobius guild. i am friends with sulisraine, trueno, and the other toy hammers.

    since the migration to international, all of my expensive avatars almost amounting to 50 thousand pesos just disappeared,and since then, i stopped being active.

    now, i am not playing gunbound anymore. but if you weanna reach me, you can drop by my blog again and leave a mssge.

    peace out.

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