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Good day, mga katropa! It’s me, your bribed scribe, Katropang Extasiege updating you on the latest, the freshest, the hottest kwentong katropa!

First, shout-outs muna tayo. Wassup, wassup sa mga regular readers ng blog na to. Paramdam naman kayo, I have your IP address tracked o! Hahaha.. Joke.

Seryoso, na. Hello to JC John Sese Cuneta who dropped by recently and said:

The Philippines is once again trying to get “back” to the International Soccer scene. This will help us get back the good ol’ (lost) days of Philippine Soccer.


Well, John, first, thanks for dropping by our blog. That’s actually true. I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, but recently, a multinational fastfood chain launched a soccer camp/event of sorts, and apparently, it’s because of the recent re-surge of interest in soccer.  And, from someone who goes to the UP regularly, I can say definitely that the Sunken Garden and the Soccer Field (near the Central exit) is always occupied by soccer players! Sometimes, there’s an all-women league that plays pa nga eh. When I was in Korea, everybody was really into soccer. My friends from the Korea University would even drag me to the nearest PlayStation gaming bar just to play Winning Eleven!

[And just because I suddenly missed my old school, here’s me by the fountain at the Korea University. Wala lang. Bakit ba?]

So, that’s right nga. Hahaha… I rambled on out of topic. I should ban myself from my own blog. Anyway, as I was saying, I agree with you on that JC John Sese Cuneta, soccer is about to get big on the Philippines again, and mobiusgames is on the forefront of this upcoming resurgence of interest by offering GONG! to the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia. I bet some other publisher will take their cue from us and publish something SOCCER-based, and let’s not forget who broke the ground and brought the industry to A WHOLE NEW BALLGAME.

Ryan of naman has this to say:

Personally, I find the sheer number of soccer leagues around the world exhausting, and since I have no relation to them in any way whatsoever (I wasn’t born/lived in that area) there’s no reason for me to get interested. This all changes during the world cup because I find it easier to root for countries that have a history in the cup, and for some of the players I recognize.

Nako, Ryan, you don’t have to be a soccer aficionado to love GONG!, the hilarious new casual soccer game from mobiusgames and TOSE! It’s based on soccer, but, see, the whole rules thing? We kinda twisted that around. Not convinced? Read this guy’s account, and I’m telling you, he ain’t a big fan of soccer either.

And for all of you who are interested in joining Team mobiusgames, check out this announcement for job openings. I’ve answered several questions in the comments section, so, if you’ve read it before, check it out again just to see if your questions have been answered since then.

Aaaaaand over at the Katropa Kommunity Blog, GONG’s Top Honcho, PM Fidelity, made a very, very, very important announcement. Bug her by the comments section, why don’t you? hehehehe…

And, yes, I’ll be leaking a new video soon. Stay tuned.


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