GameHI’s Dekaron is definitely coming to SOUTHEAST ASIA via mobiusgames. Wanna check out the teaser trailer?

I made that a few minutes ago. To check more mobiusgames vid, go to our YouTube channel here.



  1. so..this game will be item mall based or? load? if its load i aint playing it…

  2. hmmm. it seems nice. specially the siege part. whats the sys req of this game? for me to prepare for the possible upgrade if ever. ahehehehe

  3. i would definitely play this game even if it requires game load just to play it. i’m rich kasi eh. LOL 😀

  4. kelan ang launch ng dekaron ph?? i used to play 2moons north america version and malapit na maubos ang pera ko kakabili ng coins nila. kaya excited ako sa dekaron ph wahahaha..

  5. sna ilaunch n nla ang dekaron ph b4 xmas,,, srp p nmn lruin ung vicious summoner n lvl 76 at segnale n lvl 102 s 2moons… sna my fusion rin ung skills ng VS pg lvl 100+ n,,, kta kits n lng s dead front guys… hehehe… 😛

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