Pwn Intended Letters

Nako, so exciting. Naglagay na kami ng banners here sa office for Project >X< and it’s really going to be big. Plus, the installer for GONG! are ready na, we just have to follow The Plan for its release and make it available sa GONG! Website.

Anyway, I want to share some letters na nakuha namin for Pwn Intended, ang ating webcomic series here sa mobiusgames.

From “Felippe Baricuatro”

dear team mobiusgames
your 1st issue of pwn intended really rocks then i red the other issues dang it really made me laugh. thnx for the webcomic I hope the next one is better thnx team mobiusgames ^_^

Dang! talaga, eh no? Salamat rin sa mga katropa nating sina Chester Cabanos, lordz legend, christian rey arada, john roger, mary france celada, Dayle Leyson na nag-email rin sa about their our strip.

Well, Felippe (and everyone): Thanks for taking the time to write to us about Pwn Intended!, the first and only locally produced webcomic strip for gamers by gamers. We’re really happy that you guys are enjoying something we worked so hard for. In fact, sama ko na rin sa mga pasasalamatan si DayLe RaKiOnZtA for telling his sharing Pwn Intended to his Friendsters. Great job, mga katropa!

Right now, the Pwn Intended team (that’s Lois, Eric, and Me) are already working on the second episode of Pwn Intended. Right now, we’re still discussing where it’s going, and medyo controversial ata ang naisip kong title for our next episode:

Pwn Intended: A Magical Place of True Adventure

What do you think? Masyado bang controversial?


Anyway, based on what we have so far, the next episode is going to be set in a faraway magical place called “Nu”. The land is in trouble because the old king just died, and he left everything to his dog. Srsly. His cute, adorable puppy. Now, the thing is, as it turns out, the cute puppy is the reincarnation of The Supreme Evil One who once tried to take over the entire land of Nu, and being a cute puppy is just a part of his Plan Most Evil for World Domination. With him in power, Nu is in peril!

And the only one who can save the land is the Snow Queen’s son who was sent to a faraway place in order to protect and train him for his fate as the savior of Nu…

So, can a young boy addicted to an MMO RPG called “Mu” actually save the land of Nu? Stay tuned to find out! After all, everything is possible in… A Magical Place of True Adventure.


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  1. Reminded me when I kept on bothering Eric for when the next issue will be done. Ahaha~

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