GONG! and Dekaron

The LOLcat’s out of the bag. Yes, mobiusgames is publishing GONG!, and yes, mobiusgames is publishing Dekaron. How are these two going to change the gaming scene?

Well, for someone who (a) loves to play online games, and (b) has an insider’s access to things that are going on here in mobiusgames (from the rigorous testings, the video compiling, etc), this much I can say:

  • GONG! is free to play. It’s fun to play. The mechanics are so simple, but, man-oh-man, the dynamics is intense. It’s as cute as Gunbound, and as mad crazy like DotA.
  • GONG! combines soccer with fashion. You don’t have to know how to play soccer, you don’t even have to like soccer, to luuuuurve GONG!.
  • You don’t have to win the soccer matches to advance your character in GONG!. Play, play, play, and eventually, you’ll be a soccer superstar. Best part? It’s free to play.
  • Dekaron. Boy, oh, boy. It’s eyecandy + engaging game play + low graphics requirements + MATURITY. This is definitely the BLOODIEST title in the region, and, honestly, I’m not sure how my bosses are gonna handle the game’s mature content. I think we’re going to take one really, really brave step forward and say, hey, the market’s ready for this.
  • Dekaron is really, really violent. As in really. Armors explode, body parts explode, there’s blood everywhere. And the NPC’s… well, they’re not exactly friendly smurfs.
  • GONG! – Fun, cute, casual. DEKARON – intense, extreme, action. 2 games, 2 very, very different games, 1 katropahan… mobiusgames.

I’m getting a lot of questions from players, and I’m sure more people out there are asking these too. What’s going to happen to MU? What’s going to happen to Rakion? EvE Online? Gunbound?

  • Mu Online will always be here. So are our other game titles you’ve grown to love. What’s in store? There’s something in STORE, as you all know, it’s the SEASON for changes.
  • We’re always coming up with events and promos! Do you guys know that we are consistently offering discounts, modified drop rates, bundled items, etc throughout the year.

I will be blogging more and more as we near the launch. Stay tuned.



  1. at least medyo ok para sa maturity level ko yung Dekaron. 😀

  2. Wow. Nice game. My mind is already mature for these one. Thanks Extasiege for an updated info from mobiusgames. Idol!!! Katropa!!!

  3. is dekaron the same as 2 moons?

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