Of Heroes and Saints

Sigmund Freud once said men want to be poets and heroes, whereas A.S. Byatt reacted with one of her female characters wanting to be a poet and a poem.

Which isn’t really related to this post.

Hahaha… papaka-profound shit lang. Actually, I’ve been thinking about a very important part of the mobius katropa eh, the Game Masters.

The Game Masters are unique individuals tasked with the arduous job of managing in-game events, procedures, etc. They usually get the worst PR because, as we all know, unsatisfied customers make more noise than the happy ones. Game Masters, also, are the most popular katropas. They represent mobiusgames directly to the players on a daily basis. Players idolize them; every kid wants to have their jobs.

I was thinking, siguro hindi narerealize ng mga tao how hard it is to be a GM eh. Ang laki ng responsibility, ang laki ng expectations.

That’s why we honor their right to privacy. I suppose para silang superheroes eh, kailangan ng secret identity. Think about it.

Superheroes need to hide behind masks not because they’re ashamed of what they do. Kasi, di ba, there’s this thing where those around them get involved sa problema nila kahit hindi naman madamay. Like Lois Lane. Like Auntie May. Like Ding. Hehehehe…

Bakit? Kasi hindi naman kayang iligtas ng superheroes lahat ng nangangailangan ng kaligtasan eh. Ang laki kayang responsibility ang mamili at magjudge who deserves to be saved and who doesn’t, di ba? Parang sa DC universe, when 9-11 happened, the superheroes were busy and they weren’t able to get there on time. May anonymity tuloy towards superheroes.

Superheroes aren’t saints. They can’t save everyone who prays for salvation. Ganun talaga buhay, try nyo kaya maging superhero. It’s not such a super life. Madaming nag-iingay, nagca-cause ng civil war, kasi hindi sila kayang iligtas ng superhero na hinahangaan nila. Pero di ba, dapat nating tanggapin yun? Shit happens.

Nako, mga katropa, mabuti pa kwentuhan na lang tayo. Kung superhero ka, sino gusto mong iligtas? Comment kayo ha!



  1. Well, sabi nga nila, we can’t please everybody. If there are people who loves us, there will always be people who would put us down. And besides, it’s humans nature that we think first of ourselves and what we feel bago ang lahat. ^^;

    Just my two cents, though! ^^;

  2. Kung superhero ako…..syempre, save ko lang yung deserving 😛
    Who am I to judge kung sino deserving….well….im the superhero *kunyari* I’ll know who deserves to be saved.
    As a GM naman….we know our players well enough ^_^

  3. Superheroes aren’t saints – so true, but GMs arent much of a superhero too, well there are times players just adore you, calls you “idol”, “mamaw” “master” and most of the time “corrupt” ^^. but we eventually learned how to cope with them, and understand them somehow. it’s also true that we have the worst PR among mobius employees,we are so damned popular that we are always blamed of almost everything – late patch, hacks, scams, blocked accounts – madalas kase gm lang ang kilala, so it is natural that we get the sweetest rants from players, buti na lang may word filter ^^.

    ok enuf, if were Ultraman, I’ll go back in the mid19th century and save the black Americans who were enslaved in the southern part of America

  4. pede ba maging GM? yung tambay lang parang yung suggestion sa isang thread sa Titan PEB? 😀

    kung ang mga GM’s ay superheroes, then probably isa akong “Alfred”. i know GMs have one of the toughest jobs and i’m saddened whenever players’ ignorantly criticize them. fortunately, i’ve never been called a sipsip once. 🙂

  5. Halo ka tropa, ahihih, rakionista poh ako, archer… di po ako galit sa mga GMs kasi alam ko mahirap yung trabaho nila, but I just wanna stress out that Rakion’s Messenger is bugged, some of my online buddies appear offline and we can’t have real-time conversation. Sorry ha kung off-topic ung comment ko, hehehe, more power to GMs!

  6. […] wait, wait. Hindi po ako Game Master. More like Game Moderator lang. Pwede ring GONG! Monster. Hahahaha… At least GM pa rin, di […]

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