GONG! on Closed Beta

Some time ago, I leaked a video in our forums. The video shows our Closed Beta Testers having fun with our soon-to-be released game title, “GONG!”. Now, I was forced to pull it out because (a) I was risking my job for leaking such a confidential matter, and (b) a flamer’s attack on an otherwise well-received move.

What’s fun with the whole thing, though is that (a) the players were all hyped with the sneak peek of our game, (b) the players all cheered my move to leak the vid, (c) it got everyone talking. Well, except for that flamer who threw us an unfair accusation.

What’s Closed Beta Testing?

Closed Beta testing is when we make a game available to a controlled set of game testers. A competitor publisher is having their CBT publicly available, SUPPOSEDLY, but so far, they don’t have any thing. We, on the other hand, took a different approach. We want our players to enjoy the best GONG! experience they can have. So, aside from our CBT, we’re also going to have an OPEN Beta testing, prior to the Commercial Launch. That means, we wanna make sure the flow’s smooth so that interested gamers can test the GONG! free from hassle. Also, by keeping the CBT really close, we’re monitoring the glitches and bugs faster, more efficiently, more in-depth and exhaustive.

If we’re interested in nothing more but creating hype, and getting to the most number of players possible, hell, we would have gone totally public on our CBT. But that’s baiting for mayhem.

What’s Open Beta Testing?

When GONG! goes into Open Beta, essentially, what’s gonna happen is that we’re going to make the game available to the public but in a stage where we will be taking their suggestions, and analyzing their playing trends, and all that boring stuff, so that when we finally go for our commercial launch, the players will be getting WHAT they want THE WAY THEY WANT IT.

I’ll brb. Post your comments below. Please? 🙂


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