Job Opportunities in the Gaming Industry

Ever dreamed of working in a gaming company? Ever wondered how it’s like to be in a dynamic workplace filled with other gaming aficionados like yourself?

Here’s your chance to get in!

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GONG! Skills – Video Tutorial

With GONG!‘s Open Beta mere days away, here are some video clips of the skills Gongsters can use to score goals in GONG! :

Dash – Raises your running speed for a few moments. Get ahead, Full Speed Ahead!

Mighty – Unstoppable!!! ‘nuff said.

Right Dodge – Don’t make a wrong turn, go for the right dodge. [Or] There’s a right time, a right place, and a right person for you. Oh, there’s also a right dodge when you need it.

Left Dodge – If you’re happy and you know it, just dodge to the left.

Random Dodge – Some go for the right, some go for the left. Unleash your fun side, and dodge randomly!

Loop Kick – You’ll go head over heels over this 360-degree move!

Ball Traveling – Takes some balls to go places. Now, go places with your ball!

Sudden Kick – Warning: Sudden Kick is Sudden.

Overhead Kick – It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s the winning kick!

Through Pass – Pass the ball through your opponents like they don’t matter. Nothing matters, except winning, chumps.

Back Pass – No self-respecting Gongster will miss out on learning this cool skill that lets you pass the ball behind you without looking.

Pass Sign – Free, and available? Catch your mate’s attention with this move. Smooth. Like a needy baby.

Dance A – Shake it, Gongsters, Shake it. We like big goals and we cannot lie.

Earth Quake – Size doesn’t matter. It’s how you rock the world that spells the difference between the Gongsters from the wannabes.

Wall Defense – This is a wall. Balls don’t pass through it. When wall gets dirty, make losers wash wall.

Lion Roaring – Be like a lion and take pride. Stop wannabes in their tracks with your roar.

Ultra Hawk Kick – Use your Fury bar fully for one, game-changing kick!

Tornado Kick – Kick up a storm! Be a force of nature and devastate the competition with a move that will knock ‘em down.

For more details, and updates, please check out regularly.

So, is it a Goal Or No Goal?


Para po sa mga interested malaman, eto po ang inyong katropang extasiege at katropa Joren dito sa mobiusgames katropa headquarters, ang dme office here at The Bonifacio Global City, The Fort. Kumusta naman ang mga katropa nating Mutizens, Rakionistas, at Gongsters?

Katropahan tayo ha! Pwn On!!!

Gong! Fantasy Draft

With the upcoming release of GONG!, I’m starting to wonder if the Philippines will start getting interested in the sports of soccer. I’m sure–mark this date: April 22, 2008– that some wannabes will also release something similar to GONG! after they see how successful GONG! is in the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Basta tandaan nyo, mga katropa. GONG! brings the scene into a totally whole new ballgame! This is the first time something like this is going to be available in Southeast Asia.

Iba kasi ang hatak ng soccer as a team sports, eh. I remember when I went to watch a soccer match before, totally ibang level talaga ang bonding ng mga tao. Parang People Power. If you want, read my entry about it in my personal blog. Nako, super exciting!

And now, andito na sa Southeast Asia (Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia) ang GONG!. I’m excited coz I’m sure, this will really change the way people play! In my previous post, I told you that one of the amazing aspects of GONG! is its social feature. I think GONG! will really build strong bonds of friendship, and will draw people closer to each other.

Which got me wondering: What are fun names to have for GONG! teams?

Imagine this match:

Manchester United – 0
Quiapo Snatchers – 2
Hehehehe… or:

Team Brazil – 1
Team Kumakalabukab  – 0

Ang kulet, di ba?

May mga nicknames kasi mga teams di ba. “Canarinhos” (meaning: Little Canaries; Brazil), “Taeguk Warriors” (or The Red Devils; South Korea). Parang sa basketball, may Milkmen, Beermen, Realtors, Phone Pals… Magkakaron din kaya ng The Cubao Farmers,  the Ragna Jologz, the UnlimiTxtMates, the EmoTarded Boys, the Chixi Tiradors, at the Mu Scammers?

Mga Gongsters at mga Gonggoloids, ano ano magandang nicknames para sa mga GONG! teams nyo? Post lang ng post ha!

Top Reasons Why You Should Play GONG!

Hey, guys. With the upcoming release of GONG!, people are asking several sorts of questions. What’s GONG!? How do we play GONG!? WHY should we play GONG!? Here are some reasons why you should play GONG!

Dekaron Coming Soon to Southeast Asia

Well, if you still haven’t caught on with the latest buzz on the gaming biz, here’s mobiusgames’s official press release regarding it’s licensing deal with GameHi:

April 15th 2008. GameHi Inc., the developer and publisher of Extreme Action MMORPG Dekaron in Korea, and Digital Media Exchange (dme) today announced an agreement to launch most anticipated free-to-play MMORPG Dekaron in the Southeast Asian market.

Dekaron, one of the leading free-to-play based MMORPGs developed by GameHi in Korea, is scheduled to launch open-beta service within first half of this year in Southeast Asian markets through dme’s online game publishing division Mobius Games (

With Southeast Asian launch of Dekaron, the game is now serviced in 65 countries around the world including North America, Korea, Japan, China, and Europe..

Seung Hun Baek, GameHi’s Chief Technical Officer said “GameHi is proud to announce the partnership with Digital Media Exchange Inc., Southeast Asia’s leading game publisher who will service Dekaron in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. GameHi has taken one step further in expanding its global presence; this partnership allows Gamehi to initiate a new era of MMORPG in the Southeast Asian MMO market.”

Scott Countryman, CEO of dme, commented, “The viral growth of the US version of Dekaron in Southeast Asia supports the suitability and demand of this title in our territories. We believe game performance, lack of local support, high pricing, and payment challenges have held Dekaron back from realizing its true potential in the market. The mobiusgames team has many loyal Dekaron players and we are excited to partner with GameHi to bring this great game to the growing online game market in Southeast Asia with a mobius layer of premium services.”

And for more info, check out mmOTAKU’s feature on Dekaron, and the Dekaron Official Site.

GONG! and Dekaron

The LOLcat’s out of the bag. Yes, mobiusgames is publishing GONG!, and yes, mobiusgames is publishing Dekaron. How are these two going to change the gaming scene?

Well, for someone who (a) loves to play online games, and (b) has an insider’s access to things that are going on here in mobiusgames (from the rigorous testings, the video compiling, etc), this much I can say:

  • GONG! is free to play. It’s fun to play. The mechanics are so simple, but, man-oh-man, the dynamics is intense. It’s as cute as Gunbound, and as mad crazy like DotA.
  • GONG! combines soccer with fashion. You don’t have to know how to play soccer, you don’t even have to like soccer, to luuuuurve GONG!.
  • You don’t have to win the soccer matches to advance your character in GONG!. Play, play, play, and eventually, you’ll be a soccer superstar. Best part? It’s free to play.
  • Dekaron. Boy, oh, boy. It’s eyecandy + engaging game play + low graphics requirements + MATURITY. This is definitely the BLOODIEST title in the region, and, honestly, I’m not sure how my bosses are gonna handle the game’s mature content. I think we’re going to take one really, really brave step forward and say, hey, the market’s ready for this.
  • Dekaron is really, really violent. As in really. Armors explode, body parts explode, there’s blood everywhere. And the NPC’s… well, they’re not exactly friendly smurfs.
  • GONG! – Fun, cute, casual. DEKARON – intense, extreme, action. 2 games, 2 very, very different games, 1 katropahan… mobiusgames.

I’m getting a lot of questions from players, and I’m sure more people out there are asking these too. What’s going to happen to MU? What’s going to happen to Rakion? EvE Online? Gunbound?

  • Mu Online will always be here. So are our other game titles you’ve grown to love. What’s in store? There’s something in STORE, as you all know, it’s the SEASON for changes.
  • We’re always coming up with events and promos! Do you guys know that we are consistently offering discounts, modified drop rates, bundled items, etc throughout the year.

I will be blogging more and more as we near the launch. Stay tuned.